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  1. VillaTomB38

    The Official Jota Thread

    Watching sky sports news and this is breaking, undisclosed fee. Guess we should welcome our first signing from them since we signed curbishley in 1983. Welcome Jota!
  2. VillaTomB38


    Just opened up the Seatwave site to see if I can list my season ticket for the Brentford home game when I’m at work but there’s no games on there at all. Are the club still using Seatwave to resell tickets? Or is there a new one i’m unaware of? There’s also 2 in September I can’t make due to...
  3. VillaTomB38

    Andre Moreira

    Strange it hasn’t been announced yet but here’s the new 6’4” keeper, have read that he’ll start as number 2 to Steer with Bunn moving to number 3. Surely he’s being signed to be number 1? Atletico seem to have an eye for good keepers in recent years so hopefully this is another one.
  4. VillaTomB38

    Jlloyd Samuel

    On what should be a very positive day for us as a club there’s some very sad news breaking, Jlloyd Samuel has died in a car crash.
  5. VillaTomB38

    Brentford away - Boxing Day - 7:30pm

    Regardless of the hit and miss form, I for one can’t wait for this one. Have never experienced old skool English terracing, it’s Boxing Day and there’s a pub on every corner of the ground! As for team selection, I really dunno what to suggest. Hourihane is not a holding midfielder though and...
  6. VillaTomB38

    Sheff Wed at home - 4/11/17

    Tough test at home against team who’ve been there/thereabouts for the last couple of seasons. Should be winning this if we’re seriously to be considered for promotion (Goes for most game season I guess). Same team as Wednesday night would be a given but maybe bring in Taylor at LB as it’s his...
  7. VillaTomB38

    Villa v Norwich- 3pm - 19/8/17

    Just over 24 hours to go and no match thread... lose this and I dread to see the reaction, a win will be great but a lot people still won't be very happy. The date tomorrow marks 22 years to the day since we last beat Man U at home in the league (19/8/95), 3-1. Was also my first ever match at...
  8. VillaTomB38

    Who's taking the flags? As per title. These are fan funded and people are taking them, piss take.