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  1. seanbeanstattoo

    Irrevocable shift in Sheffield Football.

    Irrespective of Euro qualification or not. Irrespective of pigs staying up or not(points deduction not included) The balance of power in Sheffield is now MASSIVELY and for a generation or more all ours. All we have to do is maintain our position and build. All the pigs will do is maintain...
  2. seanbeanstattoo

    Well done Blades.

    Good performance with very few negatives. Not capitalising and converting when well on top and creating and some sloppy passing the only ones. Positives, we are right back ON IT and great to see. Osborne is GOLDEN. Absolutely love his energy, enthusiasm, appetite,and intelligence. On we go on...
  3. seanbeanstattoo

    Great Stat

    Apologies if posted elsewhere. Under Chris Wilder,when winning at home at HT, out of 62 games we have won 52 and lost only 2 or 3. Can't remember which). Mentioned just before half time in tonights commentary.
  4. seanbeanstattoo


    Is Calvert- Lewin a better bet than McBurnie? Is Brookes a better bet than any AMC we have? Is Norwood a better DMC than Berge? Is Lundstram worth an uplift in pay to retain as AMR? Should we stop watering the pitch twice a game in the middle of a Tsunami? Does anyone have a f***ing clue...
  5. seanbeanstattoo

    Ashamed of us

    Never felt that under Wilder before today. No excuses.
  6. seanbeanstattoo

    Pussy footing wussy crap.

    That is how games are being officiated. It's as if players are made of bone china because there are no fans present and any cheating t w at like Zaha or Grealish have set the tone that any physical contact merits a whistle and free kick. Just because there's a bug going round it dosen't mean the...
  7. seanbeanstattoo

    Wishfull thinking wish list.

    Callum Wilson. Bournemouth looking increasingly like relegation candidates. Wilson won't be with them next season. Ticks absolutely every box for me. Danny Ings. Championed him since his Burnley days. Like Wilson would absolutely fill his boots in our set up. David Brookes. Like Wilson won't...
  8. seanbeanstattoo

    State of play.

    So after our abject showing last night accepting the fact we were cheated by the authorities out of 2 points, Arsenal getting battered and losing 3 players,2 with injury and a red card was excellent. Hoping for a number of injuries for Spurs and the rags tonight. Maybe a draw best for us. If not...
  9. seanbeanstattoo

    Training at BDTBL

    Just seen that Klippoty has had his lot training at Anfield to prepare them for playing in an empty stadium at home. Smart Volkswagen that fellah. Wonder if Wilder has had the same idea. If not I give it him. Get ON IT Chris!!!
  10. seanbeanstattoo

    Pretty mental fixture list.....

    Wednesday, 17 June 2020 Aston Villa v Sheffield United Man City v Arsenal Saturday, 20 June 2020 Watford v Leicester City AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace Brighton v Arsenal Man City v Burnley Newcastle United v Sheffield United Norwich City v Southampton Aston Villa v Chelsea West Ham v Wolves...
  11. seanbeanstattoo

    Heysel. 35 years yesterday

    Not a murmer. RIP the 39.
  12. seanbeanstattoo

    50 to 60 Clubs going bust.. Huddersfield owner. I guess they'll just reinvent themselves as clubs going bankrupt have in plenty. On a personal note , and I can assure you any pelters will be ignored, I hope and pray that the dodgy scroats on PENIStone Road go bust, cease to exist and are never...
  13. seanbeanstattoo

    What a fantastic initiative. Prem take note!!!
  14. seanbeanstattoo

    Christ on a bike.

    Now this fat chnt wants to delay because his players aren't fit. Here's the thing you bent nosed obese sack of s**t. Just because you've spent the last 2 months laid on your settee eating pies your players shouldn't have. And it's your fault...
  15. seanbeanstattoo

    Fingers Crossed. Read loads on BBC HYS, S2 etc but I WANT THIS SEASON TO BE PLAYED OUT IF IT TAKES 6 MONTHS. So to all those advocating voiding. Including "Blades". Do one.* * Definately not directed at ANYONE on here. A few on S2 yes, and loads on the Bolshevik...
  16. seanbeanstattoo

    Quelle Suprise.

    3 Brighton "we won't play at neutral venues and want the season voiding" and Hove Albion players have miraculously just come down with Covid "Get out of jail re relegation card" 19. I'll bet a shiny penny they're followed within 36 hours by several from Watford and the Cockney W+++++s.
  17. seanbeanstattoo

    Germany leads the way
  18. seanbeanstattoo

    Zac Brunt and Angelo Capello sign .

    The two academy youngsters sign their first pro deals. Know Angelo through his GF playing for the team I've managed. Always turns up to support her. We've gone to watch him at Shirecliffe quite often. Hope they both make it big with us.
  19. seanbeanstattoo

    Watch the vid. Guilty as charged.
  20. seanbeanstattoo

    Interesting. Make of it what you will.