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    Justin Edinburgh

    Has passed away. Unbelievably sad news.
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    Cambridge Friday

    So. Moving on from last night we have a big, big game at Cambridge in a couple of days time. Three points and then a win Tuesday would be wonderful! Any ticket sales news? Was 1000 last I heard but that was a while ago.
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    Phil Brown

    On gardening leave. Here we go :pointy:
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    Matt Crawford (Fat Kid) 55 stone. Must be in the record books?!
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    Notts County (again)

    Not that I am obsessed with the goings on at Meadow Lane or anything. Work that one out!
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    Best video yet from yesterday This lad had been to a few of our games now. A Hull fan. Also did a video of the Aldershot game recently. Well worth a watch and subscribe to his channel.
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    Notts Countyourmoney What a shame.