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  1. Apollyon

    Season Cards

    I am teetering. Last season I was a bit vocal and even asked the club for a refund. This time I feel a little bit mugged off over the stand and the signings have over performed. They aren't great. The manager is yet to sign on as well so at this point I am not renewing. What are you doing or...
  2. Apollyon

    Coke and a smile Who knew?
  3. Apollyon

    Wigan V Forest - A proper, on time match thread

    No one is getting carried away and its not quite sunken in yet, because no one believed the signings we made would be any good (or very few did). Equally the appointment of the head coach was met with disarray. But we aren't second by chance. 10 games unbeaten and some fantastic results...
  4. Apollyon

    The Garibaldi....

  5. Apollyon


    Dean Saunders is doing bird after failing to give a breath test when stopped by police. Quite ironic this, especially given is bullshit story about BC. Enjoy your time behind bars Deano
  6. Apollyon

    Season Cards and the Lease

    Right so they announce today to keep hold of season cards because it will just be renewed electronically. I have binned mine weeks ago. We have just signed a 250 year ground lease so I will be as hold as ORF when that one runs out
  7. Apollyon

    Match thread

    Several of us have had a go at the match thread this season, and with the final game of the season upon us it is up to YOU to decide who does the final one. My choiice is Pope
  8. Apollyon

    MoN OUT

    He's got to go chaps. He's 15 years too late and his brand off football is awful. Please get rid now
  9. Apollyon

    Match thread: Ipswich V Forest sponsored by BRITISH LAMB

    Bottom club Ipswich are the side we MUST beat today if we have any hope of the play offs. The rollercoaster ride is particularly bumpy this season due to the high expectations we have/had. If we take our Forest hats off, you wouldn’t give us a chance of the play offs because we are far too...
  10. Apollyon

    Free Mao

    Mao cannot post and believes his account has been ICED Is there a reason why he's been banned?
  11. Apollyon

    Biggest Ground in the East Midlands

    Work starts in Summer 2020 and the lease is being extended. League one standard at best. Too small and white for my liking
  12. Apollyon

    Forest V Bees Sponsored by Arthur & Elizabeths

    Martin O’Neill goes into this weekend’s game against Brentford with an injury stricken defence and it won’t be great news to hear that after a somewhat disastrous start to his tenure. For Thomas Frank, his Brentford side have won their last three Championship matches and are unbeaten in their...
  13. Apollyon

    Reading V Forest

    Forest travel to the Madejski Stadium to face a Reading side in miserable form, but with the departure of Aitor Karanka they will fancy a result. Normally, I would go for this being a loss because Karanka was pretty negative against the shitty sides and you might think there would negative...
  14. Apollyon


    "It's been an absolute privilege to manage this historic club. "Thank you to Nottingham Forest, the staff at the stadium and the training ground, the players and the fans for all of your great support from the beginning to the end. "I wish you all the best for the future. "Come on you Reds!"
  15. Apollyon

    Chelsea V Forest

    Let's get the straight, its not Chelski its Chelsea. I haven't got time to do a full match thread (only for it to be criticised by Pope for the omission of details HE thought should be in it) because unlike some of you pseuds, I am going to the match. I'm not expecting much of a result, but...
  16. Apollyon

    Lets Make Vital Great Again- Amnesty

    Capitalised 2019 lads, we need unity for the next 5 months, not agreement, unity. I am not going to deride other forums, but I am asking for lurkers and ex-posters to show support for the Reds @VitalForest Kev would have loved this season, a season where we play good football, look very...
  17. Apollyon

    Hot Gossip

    Just heard from a very reliable source that we are after Holgate from Everton. We have also made firm enquiries on Mavropanos from the Gunners and Roberto from Espanyol This is the work of the new guy not Karanka so it is dependent on who is manager. The new guy will not be taking a look at...
  18. Apollyon

    Forest V QPR - Match Thread Sponsored by The Cods Scallops

    Aitor Karanka’s has managed us to make the deadzone that is the City Ground a bit of a fortress this season. We have only been beaten twice at home all season, winning five. We have won five of our 11 home league matches (four draws, two losses), although we somehow managed to lose our last one...
  19. Apollyon

    Chelsea FA Cup

    Ive just been told we sold our allocation. Who is going? AC WILL be doing the match thread as I will be at the game. I will be in the Bluebird at midday. I know its a fortnight early but some of you pseuds need to get your excuses in. Sniffz you can catch me there if you want?
  20. Apollyon

    derby V Forest - Match Thread sponsored by The Freedom Party

    Ok, so it’s the much loved match against the sheep. I’m going to try and play this down throughout this match thread (well until I hit the end bit where I make a prediction) because I don’t fancy our chances. Our depleted defensive options leaves me feeling cold. I'm not going to list who is...