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    Marcus Edwards - Interview

    Hadn't seen this posted anywhere... Has the makings of a cool story. Wonder how it'll finish.
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    Janssen gettin' a squad number then?

    Seriously though, wtf? No way he could be risked in a Prem match, and he's certainly not playing in a CL match, out of the domestic cups, the only games this guy's fit to play are the U23's. Wait, that's taking pitch time away from another player that might actually appear for a minute with the...
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    Poch talks with Arlo White...

    Pretty interesting stuff. .
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    "The Lane" docufilm

    If you haven't yet seen the new docufilm "The Lane", I'd highly recommend it. Some great stuff in there. .
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    ***Video banner ads DESTROYING this site***

    Whomever at Vital Football that is responsible for allowing these new & ATTROCIOUS video banner ads, that source outside video & repoint every few second, at the top of the page, should REALLY get rid of them. The ads are utterly destroying the ability to view the pages, causing the page to...
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    Ramsey getting the QPR job

    Starting to sound like Chirs Ramsey will be given the QPR job permanently. Good for him, he's a good coach, and a very decent guy. .