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  1. OneSirKeefy

    Old dogs and new tricks

    Doing an online course in Sustainable Tourism. More out of interest than anything. That’ll be an extremely tough industry area for a while, and I’m not after employment anyway. But it’s quite interesting. If I can stick with it that is...
  2. OneSirKeefy

    Netflix series

    Exactly Lancs 👍 And if you don’t like After Life, yours is wrong 😁 It’s the first thing I’ve ever watched on Netflix. And having wondered for a year or 2 how the rest of my family manage to “binge watch” things, I finally realised. Saw both completed series in the one weekend. As mark said, I...
  3. OneSirKeefy

    So where does this leave us?

    Cheers Chris 👍 Legend is Terry at both Gills and Boro. Pity that was done for Boro and only talks about them. Top man.
  4. OneSirKeefy

    What a bloody hypocrite.

    That won’t do. Wayne’s only debating technique is to tell people to google it. You’ll spoil the fun.
  5. OneSirKeefy

    Possible GFC Future

    I’m struggling to think of any merged football clubs. Especially in England. Except non-league like Gravesend with Northfleet many moons ago. Mergers in any code of football normally result in the death of one, and often the alienation of both sets of supporters. And in UK, I can’t think of...
  6. OneSirKeefy

    So where does this leave us?

    I reckon there’s still plenty of goals in those 3 legends. Even the 2 who haven’t laced a boot in years. Now, where’s TC to provide some quality crosses?
  7. OneSirKeefy

    Man Utd.

    No way! Most definitely. Any crook with big amounts of “dodgy dosh” or paper wealth is a perfect fit.
  8. OneSirKeefy

    options to end the season

    Exactly. It’s not how anyone has (or even would) vote. It’s just one persons opinion on what he thinks each club wants. And If things were to go to a vote, they definitely would not put 10 options forward. You’d end up with each option having just 3 or 4 votes max. You can’t go forward with a...
  9. OneSirKeefy

    Playground Football

    Wow. “Tapper Nerg”. That’s a blast from the past. From day 1, that was his name to us as very green 1st years. At least I can blame your generation Wayne, if that was already his moniker 👍 Seems now like it was a whole different world. And it probably was.
  10. OneSirKeefy

    Simon Inglis -Football Grounds of Great Britain

    Elm Park was fantastic through a drunken haze on New Years Day, trying to keep a meat pie down whilst watching our lads romp to a 2-1 victory during their all-conquering (but not us) season in mid-80’s. Having said that, I’d have labelled any ground as fantastic under those particular...
  11. OneSirKeefy

    Best ever RE song/chant

    I know it’s a marmite song, but I loved “The Last Waltz” on the days when there was a special atmosphere in the RE. Can’t beat it. Hairs on the back of the neck stuff on a couple of occasions. Love it or loathe it - it’s our song. Peterboro can feck right off.
  12. OneSirKeefy

    Harry Kane (N/G N/CV N/COVID N/BREXIT)

    Cheers Jerry. I was simply asking what the article said about Marcus Rashord. For some reason “The Sun” articles don’t like opening in my household 😊 Good on him. And as someone else mentioned, a lot of high profile footballers do some amazing charity work, but don’t blag about it. Or they get...
  13. OneSirKeefy

    Harry Kane (N/G N/CV N/COVID N/BREXIT)

    What did young Marcus do?
  14. OneSirKeefy

    Prediction League

    I was gonna go with the underdog and vote with Chris and Rob. But now with their campaigning efforts, there is a groundswell building and nibbles might end up the underdog and G58 the favourite. I’ll wait till the last minute and see what the exit polls predict. They are always on the money...
  15. OneSirKeefy

    Have you heard this?

    Welcome aboard GT. That is feckin brilliant! In my mind, if we’d had a band with us at the time, that is exactly what we’d have sounded like back in the 80’s as we approached the Old Den or the County Ground Swindon.
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    Oh no....
  17. OneSirKeefy

    Best ever RE song/chant

    On the topic of “being sung at us”. Remember going to Brentford mid 80’s, the year after we’d had the famous 5-3 cup win when we came back from 1-3 down. And boy did we let them know it before and at the start of the game. An hour or two later, we’d lost 2-5 and they gave it back to us in...
  18. OneSirKeefy

    League one transfer rumours and news

    😁 I think Scally will make sure he don’t 👍 Joking aside, I think Steve Evans made fewer signings than most of us thought he would. Our squad was reduced from (guess) 23+ to just 18 last summer. And then in Jan we had ins/outs in equal proportion.
  19. OneSirKeefy

    Best ever RE song/chant

    I’m sure you’ve missed out some “claps” there Archie. That was in the 70’s as well. Definitely in our 74 promo season. Not sure if it was still being used by the time of Gerry Summers and then Sir Keith. Like you I loved it too. As a youngster it was like the opening curtains and lights...
  20. OneSirKeefy

    Fake news

    In normal circumstances Nobby, I’d believe every word uttered by Sir Keith. But this time? What an outrageous claim he’s making there. Fantasy land.