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  1. OneSirKeefy

    SuperBobs Goals

    The Club just linked the YouTube vid of Bobs goals for Gills. Probably been put on here before, but well worth another look. Very high percentage of GoTS contenders in this bunch. What a striker.
  2. OneSirKeefy

    Interesting comments about SE

    Any of you listen to the D3D4 podcasts? Great series of pods talking about everything to do with Leagues 1 and 2. Their latest pod, they talk to Ben Whiteman now of Donny Rovers. Ex-Man U youth player who then went to Mansfield (and possibly Sheff U?). He mentions that the best manager he’s...
  3. OneSirKeefy

    Barry Fuller

    Just seen on a tweet from AFC Wimbledon, that Baz Fuller was voted into their “Team of the Decade” by their fans. Was wondering, he would probably be a big consideration for RB in our Team of the last Decade wouldn’t he? First spell early in the decade. And the last 2 or 3 seasons he’s been...
  4. OneSirKeefy

    Great topical word game

    Seen on Facebook. Take the title of a movie and replace one word with “Toilet Roll” (Or toilet paper if you like). I’ll start with a few funnies I saw - 7 toilet rolls for 7 brothers Last Toilet Roll in Paris Finding Toilet rolls
  5. OneSirKeefy

    So, IF the season was to end now...

    Just in case we’ve seen/heard our last game for the season (at least for a fair old time) how do you think Steve Evans and Paul Raynor have done? Not just results on the pitch, but anything else you think is relevant. The whole package including off field, transfers, coaching, press...
  6. OneSirKeefy

    Here’s an interesting stat...

    And a totally useless one. League 1 table if games were decided on number of corners won and conceded each game. If only we had some decent crossers of the ball and a big fecker to nod them home 🤷‍♂️
  7. OneSirKeefy


    Any news on Max Ehmer injury? I just read it looked like a shoulder injury, possible bad dislocation. Ouch! That sounds like it could be multiple weeks out if true.
  8. OneSirKeefy

    Loanees in L1 and L2

    Just seen this on twitter. Maybe this (extended) says a lot about the state of English football. Bristol City have 12 players under 24 on loan in the lower leagues. 12!! Why aren't these players simply employed and playing for L1 and L2 clubs? They must be earning a fortune sitting in City’s...
  9. OneSirKeefy

    Interesting squad stats for L1

    Saw posted on twitter the squad size, number of players used and average age for L1 clubs. We are pretty average for age at just over 25years. But take Baz Fuller out and we’d probably average in the teens 😁 Funnily enough, Southend are higher age than us which seems odd given the number of...
  10. OneSirKeefy

    Love SE latest interview

    Absolutely love it. Talking about the fans dreaming of play-offs. Goes on to say it’s not his and the players job to dream, but just to prepare for each game and try to get 1 or 3 points each game. And if we get more 3’s than 1’s we’ll make it. Quite right. Then the clincher. He says - “I...
  11. OneSirKeefy

    One week ago

    One week ago we had just the 1 away win all season. Now we have the 6th best away record in the division. Happy days 👍
  12. OneSirKeefy

    Couple of Comments from Simon Grayson

    Couple of comments from Grayson after the match that epitomise some of the things we said on the other thread about Steve Evans and the team he’s built. “Then for their second the lad chests it down in the box when he’s got three or four yards of space. You didn’t see us getting that sort of...
  13. OneSirKeefy

    Encouraging the younger fans

    Gills have been praised in an EFL report for their activities around the junior club and engaging with younger fans. Has to be a positive and here’s hoping some of those poor little tykes end up with our life-long affliction. Well done all those at the club promoting this...
  14. OneSirKeefy

    League 1 TOTW

    Not one Gills player in it! We’ll never move up the table with such mediocrity. FFS sort it out Sca.... someone!
  15. OneSirKeefy

    RIP the Wycombe fan

    Just heard that the fan taken ill at the Wycombe Blackpool game yesterday passed away last night. Game was delayed for quite a while before he was taken to hospital. RIP. Very sad news.
  16. OneSirKeefy

    Best guess at today’s line-up?

    So, with Marshall gone, O’Connor injured, Akinde in and Willock fit, we might look a little different today. What’s your best guess at our starting line up and formation today? I think SE might keep it as close to previous to start, and maybe show us more what we will be like from here on with...
  17. OneSirKeefy

    Good article about Steve Evans

    on website. Highlights how he has greatly improved our defence. Improved his own touchline behaviour and has put faith in youth (Tucker, Hanlon, Ogilvie...
  18. OneSirKeefy

    Jack Bonham

    Made the EFL team of the week (from all 3 EFL divisions) for his display v Posh. Well done Jack 👏
  19. OneSirKeefy

    Chatham goalkeeper

    Just read about Dan Ellis in goal for Chatham Town yesterday v Corinthians. Got a bad injury first half but played out the game. They lost narrowly but he apparently had a great game and made 4 excellent saves according to reports. Turns out his injury was a broken tibia!! Imagine playing 2/3...
  20. OneSirKeefy

    Well done Steve and Connor

    Steve Evans nominated for Manager of the Month for December. And Connor Ogilvie nominated for Player of the Month. Well done chaps. But not sure we want the kiss of death that is the MoTM do we? Maybe an...