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  1. hindleymonwafc

    Moonay...a straw poll.

    Now some folk are just born feckin moaners, my wife being a prime example ( and I don't ...mean in bed ), and moonay seems to slot straight in this category....moan about this or that or just for the sake of it....moan, moan feckin moan. What do others think ?..let's put it to a vote and we...
  2. hindleymonwafc

    Distance to Space Mon.

    In all the worry I got to thinking about Space Mon. He's out there but he's so far away he'll never get here. There are billions of galaxies and in each galaxy billions of stars that support solar systems like ours. Our very next door neighbour star is a place called Proxima Centauri. 4.22...
  3. hindleymonwafc

    Happy Lancashire Day.

    One and all. Don't forget Lancashire is a place in our hearts not just on the ground. Also don't forget Merseyside and Greater Manchester only existed in the mind of some pin striped suited half wit in the 70s who understood nothing about loyalty. God save the queen, Duke of Lancaster.
  4. hindleymonwafc

    Lest we forget.

    What a lovely day spent with like minded individuals...walk round Hindley then bladdered int bird with Hindley vets. Beautiful people with who I stand shoulder to shoulder... In the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them..every last son and husband and brother god bless.
  5. hindleymonwafc

    Justin Edinburgh

    Just a matter of weeks after leading Leyton Orient back into the league this poor young man has passed away at just 49. God bless lad.
  6. hindleymonwafc

    Millwall...on the beach, flip-flops and pina coladas all round.

    I know theres nowt riding but we might as well have a forecast...both teams safe, Millwall goon squad heavily sedated and a comfortable 3-1 win for Wigan then get them brochures out for a bit of sun on yer back.
  7. hindleymonwafc


    Now this might be complete bollocks but years ago didn't a lad from Coventry take part in some kind of half time game that subsequently could have been ihaventaclue....if it was then I'm sure I saw him in the East stand with a blue/white viking helmet on...could be bollocks but wheres he gone...
  8. hindleymonwafc

    Blackburn away....Mulgrew out.

    Mulgrew picked up a hammy against Preston and is out. Huge boost that this mon is sidelined. It's a new day and hope springs eternal. I go we finally win away 2-1.
  9. hindleymonwafc

    Piss up and a game of rugby.

    Off at about 2 with a team of latics and warriors fans...cracking day in front of us but my lad has already warned me not to wear my latics coat as he knows what I'm like on a wind up. Oh I'm so fecking tempted.
  10. hindleymonwafc

    Another '66 legend gone.

    Gordon Banks has goalkeeper I ever saw. RIP big lad.
  11. hindleymonwafc

    Where to start ?

    Absolute shite...both teams will be lucky to survive. We had square pegs hammered in round holes all over. Callum on bench and a full back trying to play on the flank...Evans on bench and Gibson getting ghosted past every 5 minutes. Worrying times and those missed chances a 10 year old could...
  12. hindleymonwafc

    Anyroad...back to footy.

    And today's match. Here I am the EU hating right winger still domiciled in Espania ( oh the fecking irony ) surrounded by English ( lovely ). I can see no other outcome than defeat. 2-0 loss ( please be wrong ).
  13. hindleymonwafc

    Well done Ryan.

    I know you won't get many plaudits on here mate because it doesn't fit the narrative but well done lad....some of us can see the difference you bring in a tight game. Some can do it in a 1 sided game where their fragile confidence soars and others do it when its really needed. See you next...
  14. hindleymonwafc

    May day..may day.

    Urgent request needed asap...listen chaps it's burning my buttocks off here and I'm fast running out of sun cream. Could someone organise a whip round and get some provisions over as soon as... Send to hotel has Latics flag so can't miss it. Seriously I'm getting pissed off...
  15. hindleymonwafc

    Spare coin.

    So there's talk of a Scottish team ( can't even bring myself to say their name ) looking at Nick Powell ....if I had 6 or 7 mill burning a hole in my sky rocket it wouldn't be Nick In my sights but elsewhere in Lancashire. Bradley Dack is the best player in this league by a country mile and if...
  16. hindleymonwafc

    The Prize Peacock.... back. Can't help but think the reported £ 10 m bid from Brighton for young Nick was the worst possible scenario as it seems he was back in full peacock strutting Billy big bollocks mode last night. He kicked out a couple of times when defenders had the temerity to tackle him. He was...
  17. hindleymonwafc

    Piss poor management.

    I said it on Saturday and I'll say it again tonight....the team that battered in form Gillingham which included Colclough was changed to bring the great trainer back into the fold....why change a winning team ? Also it's looking like a rank decision not to get Morsy off when he was obviously...
  18. hindleymonwafc

    It's been coming for a while.

    Poor home performance after poor home performance has finally come home to roost. Strange selection regarding a shocking Massey....what the hell does this mon bring to the party PLEASE somebody inform me. He is absolute crap as is Toney.
  19. hindleymonwafc

    1 foot on the love boat....

    Maybe in the grand scheme of things it may not be a bad thing, yesterday that is. We have all been swept along on a tide of optimist and feel good factor. Even I have had 1 foot aboard the love boat and still do BTW but it is a massive reality check to ground us all a bit. We are not going to...