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  1. VitalFootballAdmin

    Accrington Stanley Rant (some adult language)

    "That Bolton fans called me a knobhead and many other similar names reflects the difference between a football club business and a normal business. If the club didn’t belong to them, be part of them, their community, their life they wouldn’t bother. They see themselves as defending their...
  2. VitalFootballAdmin

    Regsitering an acccount...

    If you have arrived here from reading a front page article then bostin. Fancy help building a Vital Blues community? A friendly place where like-minded Bluenoses can come together to celebrate this great club of our? Registration should be easy, but if spam filters and other hurdles get in the...
  3. VitalFootballAdmin

    Ta ra me ducks....

    Cocopops - gutted for you. Such a special club. Life carries on... ask Stockport County who dropped a level further and endured 6 years (I think) in regional part-time football before bouncing back this season. Good luck Notts next season.
  4. VitalFootballAdmin

    Vital Pompey - Check In & Say Hello!

    Hi Ladies and Gents... we know there is a bit of pent up demand on the forum so we will be mailing out to lapsed Vital Pompey members next week. We will try to rekindle the community. Keep the faith!
  5. VitalFootballAdmin

    Vital Pompey - Check In & Say Hello!

    Hi PompeyTim There are moves afoot to 'get the band back together' A mailshot will be sent to all registered Pompey fans that we are allowed to email to see if we can light the flame again. Rug is still around as well. Cheers Vital Football Admin
  6. VitalFootballAdmin

    Photos from Chester 0 County 6

    I've just discovered this excellent site which has many match photos taken by Andrew Machin. You can really get a feeling for the atmosphere! Chester 0 County 6
  7. VitalFootballAdmin

    Robo Cops

    Just a quick comment on the policing for yesterday's County v Darlo game. I know Darlo have had a few incidents and 'rowdy' section of their following. And I acknowledge that County have been no angles this year but for 200 Darlo fans - who from what I saw gave great support to their team and no...
  8. VitalFootballAdmin

    Donzonko Brewing (non football)

    Hi Poolies A bit random ( hence non-football in the thread title) but anyone know anything about Donzonko Brewing? A Hartlepool based concern - are there many local places serving this as I may be in the vicinity in the next couple of weeks? They Tweeted this (this may not work!)...
  9. VitalFootballAdmin

    Prediction League Game 4 (03/32/19) - Donny v Charlton

    Vital Football admin here, standing in for your editor today... please submit your predictions for round 4. Doncaster Rovers host CAFC.
  10. VitalFootballAdmin

    Looking for a new place to chat about Leeds United?

    If you are looking for a new place to chat about Leeds United, Vital Leeds is open to new members. We are looking to build a friendly forum of Leeds United fans whether you are an exile in Australia or a bit more local in Armley. Marching (and chatting) on together - Vital Leeds. Register...
  11. VitalFootballAdmin

    Some of your mates hitting the headlines VG

    No idea why you want this to be stirred up again Wayne. If you all want an off topic maybe we'll do that. But as GRSGimmer says, this is meant to be a forum on Gillingham. Plus the title is designed to pull in a guy you are so obviously never going to agree with. Enough of these 'wars' it is...
  12. VitalFootballAdmin

    FAO Admin re thread closure

    It isn't easy on here, we have hopefully been light touch and welcomed (totally delighted to have you all) on here. We have offered to have you nominate moderators (thankless task so don't blame people not wanting to! lol) etc. Or to contact me. Trouble is, it's a fine line between free...
  13. VitalFootballAdmin

    Buddha manages to get a thread shut down.

    Will let the techie know and ask him to look. We don't get that particular issue of having to wait, not been able to replicate at all. All I wanted to do was...
  14. VitalFootballAdmin

    Buddha manages to get a thread shut down.

    It is your forum folks, if you want those sorts of threads remaining, then I'll do whatever you want. But the personal abuse etc seemed to be pushing it to something that just isn't needed here. Maybe we should put things like that in an off topic?
  15. VitalFootballAdmin

    Free Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon

    Too many alerts and too much abuse to each other, so best to close this. You are far better ignoring people that wind you up that much, as opposed to ripping strips off each other on the forum.
  16. VitalFootballAdmin

    Delays to posts

    Hi NY, the only image of celebration against Millwall we have access to is below. Not the one you were after I suspect. If this is no good, are there any graphics gurus reading, who want to post a banner which could be used? If not we at Vital will give it a crack. Cheers Andy (VF Admin)
  17. VitalFootballAdmin

    Unbearable adverts

    This looks like an ad campaign directed at Apple users only. Our ad chap has spotted what he thinks is the problem and removed that particular campaign. Apologies to all - hopefully this will have stopped happening now.
  18. VitalFootballAdmin

    Delays to posts

    Hi Folks. This is most strange and very disappointing. As YB says, there were never any problems like this with the old software. Other forums e.g. Lincoln which has busy during-the-match posting have not reported this. Will adjust the 'flood' parameter to see if that helps but suspect this...
  19. VitalFootballAdmin

    Delays to posts

    ... oh.. the above post was accepted instantly. So on desktop using the Chrome browser this worked fine for me.
  20. VitalFootballAdmin

    Delays to posts

    Hi Folks Are users still getting the 'You must wait nn seconds' whilst attempting to post? If so could you let me know if this is from a desktop or mobile and which browser you are using. Not had this reported anywhere else (though not to say it's not happening elsewhere) so if it is...