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  1. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    The Best Batman?

    With the terrible news that Robert Pattison is in talks to be the next Batman, I was curious to know who your favourite Batman is (if anyone actually gives a bat's arse, boom) For me it has to be Michael Keaton. As much as I love the Christopher Nolan films, I still prefer the Tim Burton films...
  2. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    An Eggcellent Story

    "A stock image of an egg has amassed 26m likes to become the most popular post of all time, bumping Kylie Jenner’s shot of her newborn daughter and spurring some unlikely imitators" A ridiculous...
  3. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Gillette - The Worst a Man Can Get

    The latest vomit-inducing social justice bandwagon jumping nonsense comes from Gillette who seem determined to alienate a huge percentage of their customers by telling them they are pieces of shit and their sons are monsters in the making. Great marketing! :lol:
  4. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Man who sexually assaults children is "trans-age"

    Uhhhh, yeah. But no. "A Chicago man accused of sexually abusing three young girls allegedly told police he committed the crimes because he is a boy in a man’s body." This...
  5. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Music - Home recording

    Does anyone here dabble in writing and recording music at home via computer software? I've been working on my set-up for quite a while, mostly for recording guitar and bass, and using a great drum sampler. A friend of mine has almost perfected it to the point where his stuff sounds like it has...
  6. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Renaming Villa Park?

    Saw something earlier about renaming Villa Park to generate a bit of much needed dosh. I was always against the idea, but in desperate times if it helped I would go along with it. It will always be Villa Park and these things are usually temporary anyway.
  7. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Laurel or Yanny?

    This has been spreading like wildfire, I was ignoring it until I got duped in to listening, and found it fascinating that it's split people almost 50/50. The recording plays a word and people either hear "Yanny" or "Laurel". All I could hear was Yanny. This video explains how it works, and...
  8. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Pro Life vs Pro Choice

    Just to continue on a bit from the politics thread, I'll start a new one about this topic as there is an upcoming referendum on abortion here in Ireland. I came across this today which made me sick. Pro-life posters erected near a national school in Dublin, with religious phrases and horrific...
  9. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Net Neutrality

    So the FCC have successfully repealed Net Neutrality, which is not good, not good at all. As if things aren't bad enough, now this shit. If anyone doesn't know what the fuck I'm talking about, this explains it quite well, but it's a lot more severe than is let on here in my opinion...
  10. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    App development

    Anyone here have any experience of making apps or using Android Studio? Making an app is a part of my college course. Need to figure out how to do something, so even though it's a long shot I said I'd ask here to see if someone works/worked in that area. I've posted the question on a few app...
  11. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    The Science and Technology Thread

    I don't think there's a thread for such things here so I thought I'd start one instead of posting such things in the UFO or Conspiracy threads where it's not really applicable. Anyway, just came across this tonight... "An artificial intelligence system being developed at Facebook has created...
  12. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    People help people

    Just thought I'd share this, as we can easily lose hope in the world today with all the madness going on right now. Here is...
  13. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    UK Surveillance Law

    So this just seemed to happen under the radar without any public debate. All in the name of "terrorism" and the like I suppose. Scary times
  14. Stephen Jay Hawkings


    Does anyone here actually believe in Karma? It was something I thought about today, when recently a friend of mine, who is non-religious and skeptical about pretty much everything, casually remarked after something good happened "hey, it's karma". And he's not the only one, I've heard it from...
  15. Stephen Jay Hawkings


    As it seems to be the season for "conspiracy theories" here at the moment, I want to drop the motherload of recent conspiracies, the events of September 11th 2001. I saw it recently described as "the litmus test of our times". It's a very divisive subject. Who believes the official line, and...
  16. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    The Daily Mass Shootings thread

    It's just every day now. Today something has happened in Munich at a shopping mall but the details are still sketchy No doubt terrorism is the first thing that will be brought up
  17. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Dublin Gangland

    It's all bloody kicking off over here, daylight murder at the boxing weigh-in on Friday, now a retaliation killing in the north city tonight. And the Continuity IRA apparently involved too! I couldn't care less as long as they just kill each other, but just a few months down the road from me an...
  18. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    White power?

    Bet that caught your attention! Anyway, anyone that's interested in metal or rock might know the story of the last few days about former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo giving the Sieg Heil and screaming "white power!!" to the crowd in a drunken state at a concert in honour of deceased Pantera...
  19. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    The Weird Stuff thread

    Thought I'd make a thread for these kind of things rather than posting individual threads, so if anyone comes across any weird stuff you can stick it here (unless of course there already is a thread for this kind of thing, then delete away) This caught my eye today, a "city" floating in the sky...
  20. Stephen Jay Hawkings

    Alien megastructure?

    "There’s a new mystery in the universe and it goes by the name KIC 8462852. It is a star approximately 1500 light years away from the Earth, and displays a strange pattern of dimming that has astronomers scratching their heads. With many natural causes apparently ruled out, there is even the...