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  1. thefacehead

    The Comedy Thread

    Love comedy, all sorts, anyone got any good stand ups they like and links to shows? Brendan Burns is funny, this is one of his shows - Saw him a few years ago in Newquay, don't think I have ever laughed as much in my life!!
  2. thefacehead

    World Athletic Championships

    Anyone interested? I love athletics, hopefully Bolt will be that cheat Gatlin, cheats should be banned for life, only way to discourage them, no second chances, boom! How fit are the female shot putters? :10:
  3. thefacehead

    The Film Thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to broaden the existing film thread, (with our dear leaders approval of course :67: ) to include all things film related rather than just what you watched last night. So we can talk about upcoming films, your favourite films and recommend a film you've seen...
  4. thefacehead


    Happy Birthday Clive, hope you had a gudun............
  5. thefacehead

    How big is planet Earth?

    Pretty damn big -
  6. thefacehead

    TOTAL ECLIPSE COMING (well nearly.....)

    A total eclipse of the sun will take place next month, although not visible from the UK, a partial eclipse will be, roughly 90% of the sun will be covered by our moon. You can see this happen between 8:20 am and 10:30 am, with maximum magnitude occurring at 9:23 am March 20th 2015 AD. Here's a...
  7. thefacehead

    Will you ever exist again?

    This is not a religious thread, and I don't want a religious input. Does anyone believe that when you die you could possibly become conscious again? I don't mean like a Buddhist reincarnation, although very similar. Even if it took billions of years and several different universes, is it...
  8. thefacehead

    World War III

    Is what is happening in Greece right now, another step closer to a war to end all wars?
  9. thefacehead

    Are we going to be relegated?

    Quick poll, no need to comment, although I'm sure people will, simple question are we going to get relegated this season?
  10. thefacehead

    The dilemma....

    So we went to the national science museum the other day, and they had a load of 'brain' pods, one of the thing you had to do was a dilemma. So basically there are five men working on a railway line, the first scenario is that you can push a boulder from a bridge to save the workmen from dying...
  11. thefacehead

    The EU, taking the mickey right?

    So the EU have decided to raid our country because we have a good economy at the moment - Surely that money will go to struggling countries right, I mean the EU is about fairness across the board. Well, the EU wants to charge US 1.7 BILLION pounds...
  12. thefacehead

    Will humans go beyond Earth and colonise more planets?

    Will we? Much recent talk of one way tickets to Mars, people setting up colonies and domes and living off world. But will we get off this planet in time? Or will we destroy ourselves first with global warming or a war or something else? Humans have proved that we can colonise anything that can...
  13. thefacehead

    Jesus never existed - claims writer Michael Paulkovich

    An interesting article from a writer who has studied writings FROM THE TIME OF JESUS' ALLEGED EXISTENCE, and not 300 years later when the junk that is the bible was made up. "Historical researcher Michael Paulkovich has claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was a ‘mythical character’ and never...
  14. thefacehead

    The History Thread

    Wonderful subject that we can learn so much from, bores some, enthralls others. Has anyone got any favourite periods of history that they like reading or studying about? Any facts or interesting details that can be shared? I watched a superb documentary about Genghis Khan the other day, I...
  15. thefacehead

    How long will you live?

    Here's a rubbish test that tells you how long you might live. I got - Life Expectancy 82.9 years Largest risk is Alcohol Which means I've got to put up Villa...
  16. thefacehead

    More money spent on welfare than education!

    "New statements to show how your tax money was spent Some 24m people will receive a tax statement in October detailing how their taxes were spent during the year" Read the full article -...
  17. thefacehead

    Should smoking be made illegal for people born after the year 2000?

    Before you vote read the article - It's important that the article is read an understood, because this is not about telling people what they can and can't do, or vilifying smokers, or even a...
  18. thefacehead

    JAWS is heading to a beach near you! Possibly.......

    Interesting article about a Great White Shark being tracked, it's the furthest north that any GWS has ever gone, and could be the first ever tracked Great White in British waters full story -...
  19. thefacehead

    America won't extradite Knox!

    I don't think there is a cat in hells chance that America will extradite her. If they don't agree with the legal process then they will just refuse. The worlds biggest country will flex their muscle like the bullies they are and refuse on non legal grounds against their agreed extradition...
  20. thefacehead

    Are you religious because of or inspite of?

    First off are you religious? If so, are you from a religious background or was it something you found later in life. Or did you start life religious and then turn your back on it. Have you never been religious?