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  1. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Rotherham United v Lincoln City

    Gutted I couldn't be there, but what a win! I was hoping for a draw but an away win and clean sheet is very very impressive. Still only two games in so not trying to get too far ahead, but things are looking good. 44 points to go (though in reality 40 more will probably do it).
  2. imps_joe

    Who Was Your Man of The Match v Accrington Stanley?

    I've given it to Payne, but it could have gone to a host of others such as Morrell, O'Connor or Bostwick. Then you hear the conditions that Bolger had to play under and he could have easily been man of the match. Great team performance yesterday.
  3. imps_joe

    Tyler Walker

    I agree. Though you say we didn't create many chances for him. I thought he had two very good chances that he could have easily scored from! He's going to be a brilliant signing. He looks a cut above. Perhaps the best striker since Somma.
  4. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Seems the air raid siren was there and I wasn't all there! At least the corner delivery was of good quality today!
  5. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Also, anyone know where the air raid siren was? Or am I just so used to it that I missed it?
  6. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Timmy Taylors, excellent choice!
  7. imps_joe

    Club Shop Feedback Thread

    To be fair they did tea towels, but not the bigguns for the sun loungers.
  8. imps_joe

    Club Shop Feedback Thread

    Don't know if it has been mentioned, but I went in to the waterside shop today (which I think is great!) and I was a bit disappointed that they didn't sell towels. They'd fly off the shelf this time of year!
  9. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Oh how I've missed football. We fully deserved the full three points, despite having to play 20 minutes with two centre backs that could barely run. We played some beautiful football at times and could have bagged a few more if it wasn't for an in form opposing 'keeper. Just how do the Cowleys...
  10. imps_joe

    Tyler Walker

    Oh I'm delighted with Walker signing! I was joking! Looking forward to seeing what the lad can do.
  11. imps_joe

    Tyler Walker

    An alright striker, I suppose. Wonder if he'll feature tomorrow. The Cowleys do like to ease players in before starting them.
  12. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Lincoln City

    Yet, O'Connor alone, it doesn't really feel like we have a proper gritty defence midfielder.
  13. imps_joe

    Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Lincoln City

    Leaky defence is a bit of a concern...
  14. imps_joe


    Gutted, absolutely gutted. Really thought he still had something left to offer. I would have loved one last final chant of 'Rheady' to echo round the stands. He's an icon, cult hero, legend and has been a massive part of the turn around in our fortune. I wish him all the best in the future, he...
  15. imps_joe


    What concerns me a little is how slow he looked to react. Get these mistakes out the way now
  16. imps_joe

    2019/20 Away Kit

    I like that. I may get the goalkeeper away top in short sleeve if they do it
  17. imps_joe

    Wilson Departs

    I've been expecting this since county away. When he came in he really didn't seem interested at all. He's a decent player, but we have players that better than him so he was always going to struggle to get a decent run of games.
  18. imps_joe

    New Home Shirt

    If only there was a collar...
  19. imps_joe

    Women's World Cup Thread

    Do they do a retake if the player scores and the keeper moves from the line?
  20. imps_joe


    Good point.