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    Liverpool 4 Leeds United 3

    Good result it seems. Any neutral would have taken it before the match. Leeds were beaten by two soft penalties and goals from set pieces. Given that Leeds were playing with a makeshift defense, and at times in sixes, they can only get better. But the frailty in defending from set pieces needs...
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    Don't You Know, Pump It Up!

    Congrats, Leeds United is back to the Premier League, where it truly belongs. It was a long wait but Leeds United got there somehow. Epic. Nail It. Absolutely Magic.
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    Setting up stalls

    Expect Stoke, Barnsley and Charlton to take the cue from Luton and set up stalls while facing Leeds United. Leeds would do well not to expect them to come out into the open play. They won't. They will remain compact infront of their goal and Bielsa must find a solution around the wall.
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    Blackburn vs Leeds United

    Predicted 1-1 Actual Blackburn 1 Leeds United 3 The shape of the Leeds team is still a worry. Slipshod, should have conceded but stayed ahead. When they finally conceded, quickly got the third. There seem to be some fall out among the players. Although they won, its not cut and dried. Leeds...
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    The Run In

    That means another year in the Championship.
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    10 Men Leeds

    Brentford having a clear run. 87 points for Leeds to get promoted. Blackburn next. Even odds to win but not an easy place to get a win.
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    Leeds United vs Fullham

    It was a tale of two halves and brilliant Bielsa got his tactics spot on. The plan was for Leeds to sit back and soaked up everything Fullham could conjure and threw at them in the first half. How apt, Leeds are doing unto others what others have been doing unto them. Cardiff picked their...
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    Burning Leeds Matter

    It could so easily have been game set and match, if Leeds were to beat Cardiff and Fulham. But Leeds put everything into a tailspin by losing to Cardiff, and most likely to Fullham as well. Leeds need several games to get up to speed with their high tempo game. By that time they would have...
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    Wily AR angling for QSI minority stake, to help Leeds United push for EPL and then sell the entire cash cow to QSI for exponentially more once they arrived at the promised land. Think QSI is daft?
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    Leeds United 2 QPR 0

    Bielsa sees Bamford as a key player for the team. Perhaps he could deploy Bamford to play a deeper role and let Roberts operate as a number 9. This will take same pressure off currently misfiring Bamford and give him time to find his orientation. Noticed Bamford is yards off the pace and his...
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    Leeds United 2 QPR 0

    Dallas had him in the handbag.
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    Leeds United 2 QPR 0

    Well deserved but could have had more. Resumption of normal services to the supply lines except for the floodgates. Roberts is the difference. Dallas, Ayling, White and Cooper outstanding. Casillas oozes confidence now and Philips the lynchpin. And Leeds look quality. Just need to add goals.
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    Sheff Wed 0 Leeds United 0

    It’s fine lines that decide in the Championship. If it’s play-off to mid table, then this team is adequate. But to get promoted, Leeds must be more than that, even if it is by far the better team in recent times. It’s not about how stylish, how close, it’s about getting ball in the net that...
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    Sheff Wed 0 Leeds United 0

    Only 5 points separate the top 11 teams and that is a big deal. Leeds are not only not converting chances, they now have a gaping hole in midfield. Leeds still have Forshaw and Hernandez out, but Klitch and Hernandez have not move out of their gears and have not had the best of season so far...