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    Clawton? Cluffton?
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    Glen Roeder

    RIP to Roeder , 65 is considered young/tragic these days , however a life of fame (in football terms) certainly left more of a mark than the rest of us might leave. The 'he was one of us' is an opinion many Gills fans at that time might not share. He was literally boo'ed , with the crowd...
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    Bruno Vs Tyson

    I was behind Gary Mason in McDonalds, Gillingham once. He would have given either Tyson or Bruno a run for their money. Sadly died in a traffic/cycling collision.
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Trust in Sky , BBC etc is at an all time low , and worsening. People are seeing the narrative for what it really is.
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    Shamima Begum

    They cover up , do what they're told , and have plenty of babies.
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    Shamima Begum

    Does English law (Anglo-Saxon/Magna Carta , as you put it) mean anything to a Bangladeshi who has signed up for sharia ?
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    Shamima Begum

    Yes , but Begum is a follower of Sharia Law , and chose to live under the backward islamic rules that the Koran dictates.
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    Shamima Begum

    Well said 👍
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    US Presidential election

    If you are a real Gills fan , then the disappointment comes with that rare sense of elation.
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    Unabomber (Non-Gills) FAO Buddha

    I think you're at risk of political grooming/brainwashing !
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    Adam Curtis' new film.

    Here's a link to the six parts on YouTube