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    Tottenham v Newcastle Utd

    Yes. Although I hate it the var was telling so.
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    V Brighton

    At least Ashley was there.....
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    2nd visit

    2nd time within a couple of months. How things can change. This time without a match ticket and both kids. Just exploring and shopping, with the 2 days boat experience. Arriving tuesday in the morning. Maybe some protesting at the stadium. 1 man army with kids will do the trick lads :cool:
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    Everton v NUFC

    I shut down my laptop at 90 minutes....
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    Pardeaux the Hoofdtrainer

    Bottom of the Eredivisie, the Dutch pl
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    Aston Villa v NUFC

    Boring stuff to watch....attack 2nd half?? I keep dreaming....
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    NUFC v Wolves

    Well...a goal and I think the most ball possession till now since the start of the season :cool:
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    NUFC v Man Utd

    No big problems before the they decide to park the bus....why?
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    The NUFC Takeover Thread Saga - Qatar Influenced Premier League Protecting It's Investments..

    Commentator on television telling there has been made a fresh new bid? Don't know if he said €400 million or pounds... At the other hand....he knows shit about Newcastle United, so must be a 'rumour'
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    NUFC v Brighton

    They way it goes also back in the relegation zone...
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    NUFC v Brighton

    Last 15 minutes were not least more of a fight. Should've done that earlier.
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    NUFC v Brighton

    Even worse to see with all those empty seats. Will it be more empty seats every week? I was planning to buy a flight ticket again for this match, but my head said: wait till they play more decent....:censored:
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    NUFC v Leicester (League Cup 'Run' Ends Here)

    So....against who was it? I'm curious now.
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    NUFC v Leicester (League Cup 'Run' Ends Here)

    ..which resulted in even more injuries. Ritchie will probably be out for Saturday. The bench with muscle injuries.
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    NUFC v Leicester (League Cup 'Run' Ends Here)

    :grinning: when was the last time we had to take penalties?