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    England Cricket

    Every country has the right to produce a wicket to suit their strengths, but questions have to asked if, as seems likely, a test match finishes in a couple of days.
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    England Cricket

    Agreed - when I used to push forward the ball dribbled about 5 yards. His ping to the boundary. These days I just dribble...
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    US Presidential election

    There filming Sex in the City on the other side of the wall. Trump's making a guest appearance and hanging around for his dramatic March return...
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    The Official AFC Wimbledon Match Thread (sponsored by Matt Hancock "for all your PPE needs"

    I hope Scally doesn’t put Hancock in charge of player contract negotiations.
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    How do I get out of the youth team?

    I’d suggest that what’s being consumed on the Dinner thread might mean the Vital squad is lacking on the fitness front.
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    The Official Bristol Rovers Match Thread (sponsored by Siderian "for all your metal needs")

    Sign him up on a contract but don’t disclose the length.
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    Referee Darren Drysdale

    As opposed to the histrionics of the then Australian Prime Minister when handing over the trophy! I watched the game in a club in Canberra and found out I was the only Englishman in the audience when that drop goal went over. I paid for it when they beat us at football 3-1 in a friendly not...
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    Evans and Raynor

    Scally won't get rid of them unless their wage demands are too high. It was Scally who tried to head hunt them when they were at Mansfield. We've turned from a potential relegation candidate every season to a mid table looking upwards team. Given our size, money situation etc it's probably the...
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    They don`t come any bigger - it`s the Brizzle Thread

    Are Dominion doing the counting?
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    Valentine's Day n/g (but i wanted to send a card to the boys today after yesterday's game)

    For Valentine’s Day I booked a nice quiet table in the corner. Can’t beat a game of snooker
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    broadband deals - n/g

    Not sure how costs compare, but we also have hyperoptic and the speed is faultless.
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    Sunderland Board

    There was another Pledge, with shall we say more conventional views.
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    N/G A Touch of Frost

    My father spent his last few years living in the road behind Chatham FC and we spent some time in the Huntsmen. Decent pint of Directors if I recall.