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    Gerald Sithole

    Any relation to Ndabanigi Sithole ZANU leader in Rhodesia in the 60's and 70's?
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    The Official Oxford United Match Thread (sponsored by Cody McDonald "for all your 'ending a barren away run' needs")

    'There is always next season' is what almost every lower league supporter at this time of year.
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    BFSE not signed up for next season - yet

    Will Evans and Raynor be here next season? I hope so. That said I feel this season in particular has been an advert for what Steve Evans can do with a low budget, Imagine what he can do for a club with a larger budget chasing promotion next time round.
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    I hope you are right, but online shopping has become popular and a lot of people have noticed supermarket beer is a lot cheaper than pubs. The same goes to a lesser extent with football for the same price as a ticket for football is about the same as a round of golf. Nothing is guaranteed.
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    Even if the fans are allowed to come back. The main concern is how many fans will return to football. Almost eighteen months have passed since fans have seen live games not all clubs will draw as many fans as before the shutdown as for some the habit will be broken. Bigger clubs will be...
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    If they don't go up, what chance Evans goes there next season? They've got the budget that would suit Evans, and he is proving what he can do here with a very small budget. I would not be surprised to see it happen.
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    The Guardian on Mr. Scally

    Professional football clubs were ordered by the government to stop admitting spectators. Therefore they should be targeted for refund claims. Every club's fans could amalgamate into one organization and take the government to court to claim for compensation. Fat chance. Individual clubs were...
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    US Presidential election

    The main problem is that who do you mean by the west? We have known for decades when push comes to shove most NATO countries will refuse to participate in any conflict with Russia. The EU will not allow member states to collectively take action to oppose the Russians, the Germans will not risk...
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    The Guardian on Mr. Scally

    To simplify the season ticket question can be divided into two camps. Are you a supporter of the club or a customer? A supporter puts the club first, and is willing for the sake of the club to take a hit over the finances to keep the Gills solvent. A customer is just a consumer, therefore if...
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    Bad news for Buddha & travellers in general

    I haven't got Netflix, but I do Know from personal experience in the early 70s the that large Russian 'trawlers' were using air lifts (like a large vacuum cleaner) to collect all possible fish on the seabed, we were told this went for production of fishmeal. According to the diver who filmed...
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    season tickets

    At least Paul Scally has saved the club some money.
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    US Presidential election

    Agreed. Also the captain is only nominally in charge whilst transiting the canal. A qualified canal pilot is controlling the ship. Crosswinds could have been the initial cause of the incident, but an inquiry hopefully will get to the truth.
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    US Presidential election

    The ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal was called Ever Given (not Evergreen) chartered by Evergreen Marine from Imabari Shipbuilding in Japan and managed by a German company. This is not the first incident to involve the Ever Given she had a collision with a ferry in Hamburg, nobody was...
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    US Presidential election

    This article gives an informed opinion of Biden's presidency so far. though a bigger problem looming for the American people is when not if Kamala Harris replaces him in the next year or so. There was no way with her political opinions she would have got to the White House as a presidential...