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    Adam Curtis' new film. cue Buddhas stereotypical response. Tucker Carlson is a right wing journalist
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    Adam Curtis' new film.

    we are well aware of his views on conspiracy theories and Q and Q anons. The truth really is unbelievable and until such time it is proved, will always be taken as conspiracy or rubbish.
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    US Presidential election

    Washington dc is a a thing of the past as far as the presidency goes. Whole place is evil. The president hq will be in Texas.
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    US Presidential election This is awful, when the truth comes out in march/april you will be made aware of how thousands upon thousands of children have suffered and been subjected to such unbelievable torture/treatment. The tunnels under the whitehouse and many other places...
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    Toyah - n/g

    love it
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    US Presidential election

    explanation of why Bill Gates is buying vast amounts of land in america
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    US Presidential election
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    Coronavirus vaccine
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    US Presidential election

    when all the truth comes out if Pelosi, the Clintons, the Obama's, Biden dont face the death penalty for years of treason,lies and theft, then I will be amazed.
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    US Presidential election

    trump, trump jr., candece Owen's, or perhaps back from the dead. JFK jnr.
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    well done Brentford

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    US Presidential election

    hope no one is watching MSM to see what is happening at the impeachment trial. You are being manipulated again
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    US Presidential election

    when will one of you be brave enough to accept that u are being brainwashed. When will one of u take the time to look further than what u are being told by MSM, social media, democrats etc etc. You all believe what u are expected to believe, anything else is outside your comfort zone and...
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    US Presidential election

    future president . The lies u believe.