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    Match Thread: Ipswich Town v Lincoln City

    Excellent first half- high pressing game which gave Town little time to compose or build any momentum. Top drawer goal from Rogers. Second half we simply gave them 5 yards, no high press, time to apply pressure and eventually it paid off. Not sure if that was tactical or simply sub conscious...
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    Match Thread: Plymouth Argyle v Lincoln City

    Cracking game of football- two teams absolutely committed to attacking, flowing football. Both teams with some high quality players and it showed. Best game of the season we've been involved in (if you were a neutral). Clearly missing the influence of Bridcutt just being on the pitch-...
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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Good result today. Not our most fluid game (seems the pitch and wind put paid to that) and Wigan certainly pressed hard which, particularly first half, regularly prevented us from getting into our stride. 1-1 Half time was a fair score. Thought we were better 2nd half, had more control...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Certainly looks like he has an eye on that game
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Challenging first half. Accrington showing why they are in top 7. Imps rotate squad and new players struggling to find the rhythm and pace of the game in defence. Too many players trying too hard now we are a goal down (Rogers and Johnson particularly) so taking one touch too many, forgetting...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Doncaster Rovers

    We are starting to look like FB Banter. We've lost a game after playing the kind of football you only see in the PL. For the record, goals scored this season (top 6) - goals by club top scorer in brackets Lincoln 35 Donny 38 Posh 36 Sunderland 32...
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    Match Thread: Shrewsbury Town v Lincoln City

    Well, that was rather good tonight. Decided to stump up a tenner and worth every penny. If it looks that good on an ipad, back at the Bank will be something very special.
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    Match Thread: Rochdale v Lincoln City

    Such a long way to go but everything, so far, is shaping up to beat the 1981/82 4th place finish (our highest finish in third tier of English football since the removal of regional division 3 leagues in 1952). Is this the best Imps team I've seen? 1981/82 was my first proper season watching the...
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    Match Thread: Doncaster Rovers v Lincoln City

    Reminded me of Donny away last season (even though we scored that game)- nothing quite flowed or dropped right for us and a draw might have been a "fair" result but football isn't about what's fair- it's about who scores more than they concede. It's football, it happens. Tuesday next
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    Illegal Streaming of Matches

    The numbers of fans paying to watch PL at £14.95 is astonishing, 100,000 paid to watch Liverpool vs Sheffield Utd on PPV......100,000!!
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Ipswich Town

    I think it is more about Montsma than Jackson. Maybe he is growing into English football and that coincided with Jackson's dismissal but Montsma looks much more comfortable next to Welsh. In my opinion. Which is all it is.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Ipswich Town

    Have thought that myself- Montsma looks even better in a partnership with Welsh. Has more confidence going forward and on the ball too. Their partnership has looked more solid than Jackson/Montsma (not that we leaked goals with those two either)
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bristol Rovers

    That's the real nub of it- cracking start to the season, not quite at the races today but neither were Hull on Friday (who hadn't even conceded a goal before Fleetwood). It's football, it happens. Onto the next game....
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    Match Thread: Blackpool v Lincoln City

    We were until a mild Tuesday night in MK - had 30+ attempts on goal and lost 2-1.
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    Match Thread: Blackpool v Lincoln City

    Tactical- Roughan is still learning his trade and we lost to much ground down their right hand side. Tayo really tightened up the 2nd half and was an unsung hero who helped the team put in a cracking 2nd half