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    Where are we as a club?

    We've taken some big hits this season, but nothing we can't bounce back from next season whether it be financial or performances - they're all fixable with the right leadership.
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    Get well Spursex!!

    The worst is over now, I hope. So thanks for all your good wishes, it helps. Lots of aches and pains and still and no energy, near exhaustion doing the smallest of things, no smell or taste returned yet. Can't concentrate, the brain is now fog and more fog. Even typing seems a huge effort lol...
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    Get well Spursex!!

    many thanks all, feel a bit self-conscious about all the good wishes and this thread, but they're greatly appreciated. slightly better today, but feeling very weak and pretty feeble. It's hard to explain, but absolutely everything is a huge effort, and even the simplest of things are...
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    Get well Spursex!!

    Thanks all, it's pretty horrible, but I'm ok., and I will get through it. Can't do much of anything at mo, even tough to type. Catch up soon. thanks again all.
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    O/T The Good morning thread.

    I'd be very very surprised if that turns out to be the case - but keep us all informed!
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    PSG, Tim playing spot the difference....!?

    Sherwood claimed on Skysport last night...: “It’s really interesting watching PSG,” said Sherwood. “Pochettino has taken over from a Tuchel side, who like to play three at the back. He has gone exactly like Tottenham have gone over the last five years. 4-3-3. You go for the jugular. You try and...
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    Kane is the Elephant@Spurs

    Should Harry Kane leave Tottenham as he approaches his peak years? Pitch to Post analysis Kane, who turns 28 in the summer, is yet to win a major trophy at Spurs, though Jose Mourinho's side do face Manchester City in April's Carabao Cup final as they look to end a...
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    Kane is the Elephant@Spurs

    Where did it all go so wrong? Jose was bought into mount a Top 4 challenge and keep us in the CL as well winning silverware along the way. Jose got the players he wants, so he's been backed...but his football and almost everything else since has turned sour.. We all knew that without success...
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    Covid, Phase II. Commonsense is the order of the day.

    Covid-19: World's first human trials given green light in UK Published 15 minutes ago Related Topics Coronavirus pandemic Healthy, young volunteers will be infected with coronavirus to test vaccines and treatments in the world's first Covid-19 "human challenge" study, which will take place...
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    O/T The Good morning thread.

    Morning Walthy, Just for info the mixed vaccine trial starts next month and will go on for 6-12 months with all sorts of dolly mixture variations being tested, the concept is a great one, if it proves successful as it may well elicit responses on three different levels by our immune systems and...
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    Sissoko may leave in the summer!

    Sissoko takes a sly dig? Sissoko has taken the chance to explain the differences between the approach of Poch and Jose, with his former boss now in charge of Paris Saint-Germain and last night showing he could manage with the best of them. Whereas let's be honest, we probably would have 11 men...
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    No get out of jail clause for the board..

    With Dele kicking himself he didn't throw his rattles out of the pram and get his move..
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    Some headlines just cheer you up...

    They have a limited lifespan, EV will be the norm by 2030, that should make you feel better!
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    No get out of jail clause for the board..

    I suspect this morning Poch will be feeling pretty good about where he now manages, that was a hell of a win last night..
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    Lamela: we need to give our best!!

    he's grateful for a bloody job!