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    The Jack Grealish Thread

    United lost Ronaldo. Always someone with more clout.
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    The Jack Grealish Thread

    Mention of Cantwell again. Hope not. Bellingham? Cant see it. So far our 'bids' are around the 25 to 30 milloon mark....and unsuccessful. Tbh thought city would be more desperate for harry kane. Thats what they need a top top striker. They already have top quality midfielders who both create...
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Plus our 'bids' so far have come to nothing. For all the talk of mega rich owners we are still more likely to sell top quality than buy it. If Grealish goes we have 2 weeks to get players in.
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Not Pereira then... 😬😬😬
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    Preseason Fixtures

    Thought that was one of Fleetwood Mac's best albums tbh 😉
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    Preseason Fixtures

    Now that is more worrying than the scoreline 🤣
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Before the euros (56 yoh) we were supposed to be signing ESR and JWP. Mention also of Tammy, Tuanzebe and the Burnley winger. So far its Ashley Young, 35.
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    Still better than king though....
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    The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

    The Ross Barkley of the penalty area?🤣
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    The Emi Martinez Thread

    International football. Bloody hell.
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    Aston Villa v Chelsea - Sun 23rd May - 4pm - Sky

    Funny how we had a pretty decent record v special one's Chelsea for ages at home and now we beat them again. Yet we cant do anything right against manure whoever is in charge.
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    Youth and U23 Thread

    Good to see our youth team with real prospects and winning the cup a huge bonus. Last youth cup win I went to was the team that featured mark walters. We won it over two legs.
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    Erod Prediction League - Games merged 20/21

    Robbali: Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea
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    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    Plus they are better at defending now.
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    Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - Wed 19 May - 6pm - Sky

    We need an alternative or two🤣