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    I think I will be working from home by the end of the week. I have Crohns Disease and am on a drug called Azathioprine which is an immunosuppressant. I was off work anyway the week before last with a chest infection and went back last Wednesday but have been office based due to the medication im...
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    RIP Jonah

    Great bloke & a big part of the Vital community over the years. RIP mate.
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    Hope your all alright lads.
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    Southampton v Aston Villa - Match Thread, Sat 22nd February, 3pm

    Saw Dan mention me in a comment about a minority of Villa fans kicking off at me and the other Villa on Tour boys yesterday. Don't want to say too much as its going to be dealt with at club level. Despite rumours on Twitter, Max or any of us wasn't physically attacked, rather just some pretty...
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

    Alright innit.
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

    I can confirm this is true.
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

    did you? Where?
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

    Long time no see all, hope everyones alright!
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    Arsenal v Aston Villa match thread

    2-0 Villa win. Next... Who's going by the way?
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

    Afternoon all. I saw DaveM and Trekker last night before the Villa game. It was like a mini Vital reunion.
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    How Happy Are You?

    I'd say around a 8 at the moment. The end of 2018 through til now has been a really challenging year. I started my new job after graduating from my Post-Grad leadership course in September of 2018. I went on holiday to Mexico and when I came back me and my partner split up, and it got a bit...
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    Fear Conquers All - Book OUT NOW!

    Looks good mate
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    If they made homosexuality compulsory who would you have a go on?

    I’m 10x the man David Beckham is.
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    The Official Summer Transfer Window Thread

    I reckon there will be one more big 20m+ signing and I’d expect that to be a defensive midfielder. Hopefully Phillips. After that I think it’ll be lesser cost signings, we can’t spend 20m+ on them all. There’ll be another CB coming in, Tuanzebe loan would be the ideal scenario but depends what...
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    The Official Summer Transfer Window Thread

    That would be me. I’m not ITK by any stretch... I’m sure many could confirm that on here... I don’t do all that crap. But I’m friends with Gary’s cousin, met him on holiday in Lanzarote when I was a teenager when Cahill was still with us and he came to a few games at Villa Park and got us some...