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    How Do We Sum Up This Season?

    Lots expected better because of the money spent, however I think for all the Drs good intentions we went about the summer recruitment wrong, we overpaid and were left very light in the middle of the park Bruce had the chance to add his own players and got them at a good price, however the squad...
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    What was the last film you watched

    Watched Fast and Furious 8 and Doctor strange last night F&F 8 ridiculous from the first 5 minutes and just gets worse. Good fun though Doctor Strange, not my favourite of the Marvel Universe but enjoyed it, think Cumberbatch is a good actor.
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    Amazing Era

    Also You can just do this on your phone... anywhere
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    The Holiday Thread

    Alright Ive been to benidorm for a lads hol, got Portugal at the GFs dads villa first week of June, St Ives in August and New York in August. Like Fear though, I dont wanna talk about them
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    What was the last film you watched

    Watched Get Out yesterday, whilst i enjoyed it I didn't understand where all the hype has come from.
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    What was the last film you watched

    David Brent : Life on the road. - not as good as the office but still cringe. Liked it. Sulley. - always enjoy Tom Hanks. Good film but they added some stuff to make it more interesting than the real events Fantastic Beasts and where to find them - brilliant, really enjoyed it. Seen it twice...
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    The REALLY Interesting Thread - New Forum New Era Innit

    Alright Trek. Merry Christmas.
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    What was the last film you watched

    Not been on for a while so I wont list every film, I will just go with 2 from the last week. X-Men days of future past or whatever its called. was alright, I was on my phone texting and stuff so it never really held my concentration, but it didnt really have to for me to know what was going...
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    The best of Netflix

    Daredevil was incredible.
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    Weight Training Thread

    Hows it work then, in terms of wanting to bulk up? For example im curling 14kgs and doing 3 sets of 10. Ive just gone up from 12kgs, so currently failing around rep 8-9 on the 3rd set. Im trying to build my muscle so not interested in definition yet, just wondered what the best practice is?
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    Artificial Intelligence Revolution

    Came across this on twitter yesterday, read it this morning and even though I work in IT and know how fast things are changing, this actually made me stop and think for a bit. just thought it might be of interest to you good people...
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    Weight Training Thread

    currently in the gym, started using the free wifi and working from here a fair bit now, so I had a couple of boiled eggs and a banana and then went for an hours work out, complete with lunges and squats ( :21: ) and now ive just had a protein shake and some pineapple. i'm up to 45kgs on the...
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    Exciting news!!!

    Congratulations Deano
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    Fatty fat fats paid to lose weight?

    I commented on the link on facebook and I will say the same here too - its not just about having a gym membership and healthier food. A lot is mental, people have issues and they turn to food - its like when people turn to drugs and turn to alcohol, its an addiction I wish people would take...