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    Olympics 20 something

    skateboarding was ok actually, they just got on with it so quick that it kept me watching, must have been like 50 tricks inside 30 mins or so a round. Cant make head nor tail of the judges marking tho. Cycling was tough, ended up the top grand tour riders battling it out, Carapaz showing again...
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    'Fan Led Review'

    i presume enough of a fan held sharebase that its enough to have a say on the board and veto any unwanted plans. So the owners would have to sell off a %
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    Here we go!

    i dont care what they have to say about anything at all :(
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    Forest v crewe

    You thought he wasnt good enough, not sure thats the same as suggesting we cant build a team around him, cos hes obviously so good he will get bought by someone better
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    they keep saying herd immunity which seems the governments choice from the start but there is no type of immunity is there
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    but youve been keeping your distance, wearing masks and not attending busy public events, how did you get it?
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    Steve Cooper leaving Swansea

    i dont really know who he is to be straight
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    Interview with Dane Murphy in today's Athletic

    Dissapointing to hear hes talking with the previous clown 3 times a day, I wonder if things dont start well if he will be on the end of a tantrum. Quite inexperienced sure, but be careful who you learn from :) Talks a good game, all work in the same direction... Yeah, to be fair weve heard that...
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    2021 Summer Transfer Thread

    Its not much of a financial gamble at like 1 million quid and probabaly a lowish wage tho, for essentially still a youth player with a lot of potential who apparently we have watched for several years. Might be a gamble if he was our major signing and we needed 25 goals from him but thats...
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    2021 Summer Transfer Thread

    there cant be anything long term about replacing Grabban, it needs to be like yesterday
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    Olympics 20 something

    Not actually sure these should be going ahead, I understand the blahh blahh athletes might only get one chance in a career, but much of that is about the olympic 'experience' and this I think has the potential to be anything but an olympic experience if beeps start going off every ten mins and...
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    2021 Summer Transfer Thread

    well its only paper talk suggesting it was off :)
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    General politics thread:

    nyou lost me at great britain is a competetive country, err, no, its a union of several countries birdbrain lol
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    Here we go!

    WITH upcoming Universal Credit cut, England is heading for the biggest cut to the basic rate of social security “since the creation of the welfare state at the end of World War II”,
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    D*rby to be relegated?

    what I find a little said is that im looking at direby players, thinking yeahh bid for him, they need the money; whilst at the same time, thats the situation we have put ourselves in every season too and having to sell off our young potentials. Irrespective of transfer activity, to me, not...