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    The Olympics thread

    Poor owd G ....... fell off his bike again.
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    Blades are cool and the piggy f00kers drool....... always has been always will be.
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    GB News

    Spending years in France and Spain enjoying the good weather, decent food etc I always wondered why these refugees would ‘crawl over broken glass’ to reach the UK, surely they would be better off in France/Spain or first country of safety? 🤫😉
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    Tour de France

    comment was was made in jest Biggles and I agree WVA is a talented rider BUT even in 2021 and all that has gone before I don’t think cycling is 100% clean.
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    The Blades ( Finishing position this season )

    Just a bit of bollox ... let’s have yer predictions..... just the number 1-24 Nailed on 3
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    Tour de France

    WVA get him tested
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    Lewis Hamilton.

    Hamilton is a C U N T
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    Tour de France

    Pogacar different league. Chapeau
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    Euro 2020 thread

    Long time since i watched football on the tv but the final enforced my feeling on the play acting knock me over with a feather shenanigans, G get a dislocated shoulder riding the TDF ...... Doc pops it back in ...... G keeps on riding. Oh and the racism patsy is perhaps the final nail in the...
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    A political thread 😱 🙈 🙉

    NHS procurement system is out of control, just like NHS management.
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    Tour de France

    Well done Cav....... amazing watching the stage and on roads I know well.
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    Stoke& Bournemouth are interested in

    The Blades are my only connection to football so when a player leaves BDTBL I have zero interest in them.
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    Tour de France

    phew ..... Pogacar making the rest look like clubs riders Thank fook Cav made the time.
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    Tour de France

    another 3 or 4 stage wins for Cav and one of them on the Champs is Easy would make this TDF great.
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    Tour de France

    wait for the mountains