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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    It is an amusing thesis but I don't think the Brits are any more prone to mythologising their military disasters than any other nation and considering the way the Easter Uprising was mythologised to promote republicanism I wouldn't exclude Ireland from the list. So the analogy doesn't work for...
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    What did you think of Obama?

    As Thomas Sowell would probably put it; when you have a lousy educational system and culture which does not promote independent education, there is huge disadvantage for some minorities. Good jobs in manufacturing are the first stepping-stone for social mobility and it is sometimes claimed that...
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    What did you think of Obama?

    It looks impossible to avoid because we in the West are in a race to the bottom with China, which is the Wal-Mart problem writ large, which means the very business model impoverishes their own customer base - constantly push down wages until they can't afford to buy the stuff they are selling...
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    What did you think of Obama?

    Set aside the goodwill which most people had/have for Obama and the stats are terrible. As you say, massive increase in government debt. Fall in median income. Increase in the number of people in poverty. Seven million jobs created but twenty million increase in population and no increase in...
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    What did you think of Obama?

    A charismatic speaker who failed to live up to the high expectations. Saving the American car industry - possibly good. His use of drones in sovereign nations he wasn't at war - with very bad. Failure to shut down GTMO - very bad. The implementation of Obamacare was very poor and raised...
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    For those with the facilities and the right bins I should imagine that most people will be recycling 60%+ by weight. It would be higher if the government created the infrastructure and we were a more orderly nation. In Japan householders sort their rubbish into something like 30 categories and...
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    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    The UK achieved its present state of structural unemployment, economic inequality and general mediocrity while being in the EU and so I am totally confident that we can continue to achieve the same when we are out of it.
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    It is amusing to witness the BBC pretending that throwing in the odd 'allegedly' somehow makes their accusations and innuendo less of a smear.
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    Milo Yiannopoulos

    Milo specialises in giving his opinions on gender politics and gets himself banned by disagreeing with a lot of the false truths propagated by feminists and trans groups. So his tendency to say that the desire to have a sex change is mental illness and that there are perfectly logical reasons to...
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    Word Association Part Three

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    Word Association Part Three

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    The super fantastic nutrition thread

    Not by all. Watch -
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    Top 10 favourite albums of all time.

    I can think of loads of great albums but to exclude all vanity about trying to impress people with my list, I will just list the ten albums I have listened all the way through, the most, (not just a couple of favourite tracks). 1) Led Zeppelin 2 2) Free Live 3) Back In Black 4) RATM 5) Loudon...
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    You seem to have grasped the essence - it was a miracle they got away with it. Therefore....
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    <p> </p><p>Fixed!</p><p>I always see it as a philosophy about accepting reality and the origin of suffering and its emphasis on impermanence, but in operation it has all the features of a religion.</p><p>There are many schools of Buddhism and it tends to get altered when it travels, just like...