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    The Official Cheltenham Town Match Thread 3 - The Crappening (Sponsored by Tena for Men "for all your bed-wetting needs")

    doesn’t look to bad. I’d say nine of them would be potentially playing if we had a fully fit squad. Bench looks weak though.
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    Style of football and enjoyment of going v points

    Last season we were a joy to watch much of the time especially with the high energy and high press. It wasn’t long ball per se is was just very direct and positive. I think it suited us.
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    I think he has more than earned it and is a great man manager for this squad. Also safely first isn’t a bad way to win a tourno. However I still feel is is tactically suspect in real time. Pre game he does his homework and generally has a good game plan but when the opposition switch tactics...
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    The Official Crewe Alexandra Match Thread (Sponsored by BUPA "for all your medical needs")

    I’d be happy with a draw and no injuries today! Coyg.
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    Agree with all of that but that is with evans at the helm with players brought in for his system. If we suddenly bring in a non league manager with a different system , mid season who has limited contacts and budget the odds are we won’t won’t do as well.
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    But would you support the scheme Mark? If scally guaranteed to invest money in the squad to make us competitive on the provision we sell x amount of season tickets would you renew? Maybe if PS even went on half salary for a year too? I think he needs to do something creative to combat the...
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    that would be win win all round! If scally can of course! Maybe a season ticket push that if we sell 5k PS will give Steve the biggest budget ever! A self fulfilling prophecy! Then as fans the balls in our court. I live in Belfast but I would buy one.
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    What else would they be discussing. If PS has been informed by Evans he has plans elsewhere in the summer then what is there to discuss?
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    The fact they have been discussing a contract is positive though isn’t it?
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    How does the compensation work? Is it set or negotiated. If it’s negotiated then it will be less for a unhappy manager who clearly wants out as opposed to someone settled. Maybe evans is doing his best to lower the compensation fee for his new employers?
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    Evans to Stevenage...

    Stevanage currently 12 points of 7th and 28-1 to go up if anyone fancies it. If evans goes there with a fat budget I can easily see them pushing on from January.
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    The Official Cheltenham Town Match Thread (Sponsored by Emirates "for all your competition cheapening needs") Redux

    Oh well. Think I’m more worried about evans going than the result tonight.