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    New signing about to be announced

    Wikipedia isn’t a good source of information as it can be edited by anyone. Bogle hasn’t dropped to League 2 and hasn’t signed for Grimsby.
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    Let the transfer rumours begin

    I’ve seen Kyle Dempsey’s name pop up before this so this may have legs. If it does there’s something not right, he won’t be cheap. He was being scouted by championship clubs back in January and I think I read that Hull want him. If we pull this off then it’s a massive coup! Money surely must’ve...
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    Jordan Graham signs?

    I just watched it. I agree, he comes across really glad to be here. It’s nice to see a player who’s so enthusiastic about playing for us. Top signing.
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    Zech Medley to join on loan

    Tucker is right footed I think. He was just better on the left than Ehmer was. He should slot next to him quite nicely.
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    Ryan Jackson

    Yeah but their financial backing means they have the money to be able to take the risk. We don’t.
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    Football Manager/ FIFA

    League one team of the season
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    Football Manager/ FIFA

    After winning the league in the first season
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    Football Manager/ FIFA

    FM for me. Currently in my third season as Gills. Sitting 9th in the Championship with a game to go. The board are happy that we’re now an established Championship side a year ahead of schedule. Won League one in the first season staying unbeaten throughout. Side was pretty much our side now but...
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    Shrewsbury Town complaining that

    A break from the Premier League. This is why Liverpool have chosen to play the kids as the first team are on their break. Newcastle’s break is next week, so they haven’t had the same decision to make.
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    SE talking about budget - again!

    Surely it’s half way down? That’s what I told Paul Ince when he asked me where it was. Said something about a meeting in the snug?
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    SE talking about budget - again!

    Oh fuck offfffff
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    New player

    If we were to sign Samuel again and he was as good as last time then we’ll be knocking on the door of the play offs in no time. Can’t see it happening though
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    #£@@#!^g moving, flashing adverts :-(

    What’s the point in contacting the club? It was obviously because our clapped out old boards would look awful in 4K and we can’t advertise the things that the broadcasters clearly have to show. I thought they made the place look ten times better than usual, and I’d be happy to keep them. They...
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    Big Steve

    You’re writing all the correct letters but not necessarily in the correct order.
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    Brexit poll

    Forgive my ignorance on this, but how are we being controlled? Not being provocative, just asking a genuine question.