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    Someone really have to tell the 2 Longstaffs that they are terrible footballers.
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Cannot see any points coming our way. But they do surprise on the odd occasion. Relegation is probably not on the cards what with Fulham, West Brom and SU probably get those spots.
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Excellent coach as well in Bielsa. Bit mad but good
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Never made it up. I read. So what I was reading was made up. As you said it's probably the club that made it up. Lets hope he performs then.
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Ok cool it hahaha. I don't have inside information of course. But I trust you have. One can only react on what is discussed. Do you think he was worth the contract??
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Do you think the TO will ever happen??
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Matty has attitude problems perhaps that's the reason. But the lad wanna play and Bruce is probably not the coach to get him any better.
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Absolutely agree. Why ManU was ever interested in him is beyond me. Oh wait. They sign every piece of shit
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    Leeds v NUFC

    Another one goes in. Why are the they not going towards the attacking player??
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    Leeds v NUFC

    WTF is Longstaff doing in this team. He just jogs around like a lost turd. Lewis is a terrible signing. Needs to get Jetro Willems in when the window opens. Coach have no clue. Fernandez is absolute gash. Leeds clearly the better coached team by a mile.
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    Gary Speed R.I.P.

    Been that long already?Unbelievable day I agree. RIP Gary Speed. Thx for the good memories.
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    Lascelles is terrible. How he was ever touted as an England international is beyond me.
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    Could be a fun old season this

    5-1 trashing. Well well well.
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    v Bournemouth

    Very true. Excellent player if he can stay fit. But yeah bigger clubs will come for him.
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    FA Cup Qtr Final

    Watched the game. Damn it was a big waste of time getting up so early. Bruce is a real idiot coach. Had no idea. The players was confused as to what formation they were playing. Schar is far from the player he was under Rafa. Gave a stupid penalty away and basically just trotted around the park...