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    Fans of less successful clubs are more loyal to each other.

    I find there is more solidarity between fans of "crap" clubs. I work with a Exeter City season ticket holder, a Forest Green one and a couple of Bristol Rovers fans. One of my other mates is a season ticket holder at Wycombe. I find there is a mutual respect amongdt us that you would never find...
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    FA cup

    The bbc were very patronising to Marine. "Some of the Marine players will just be happy to be refereed by Michael Oliver’ - WHAT?!? I think the bbc think non league teams put jumpers down for goalposts.
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    Evans coming across as whiny again, blaming the ref and the facilities. Dont like to hear this sort of thing it just comes across as sour grapes: You don’t expect a referee’s performance to be as poor as that. People will say ‘is that Steve moaning about a referee?’ Yes, I am, he was poor and...
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    Teams in the wrong leagues

    Arent all teams where they are on merit?
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    Arise Sir Jimmy

    Lost a few of the 11 England world cup winners from 1966. I believe there are four left now Geoff Hurst and Bobby Charlton who have knighthoods and George Cohen and Roger Hunt who do not. Sporting honours are sprinkled around like confetti sometimes with some sports getting lots and others...
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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    Debuted in the 1953/54 season. Am interested to know if any player debuted earlier and are still with us? Have to assume all pre-war players have departed now. Who is the oldest Gills player alive?
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    Stamps - n/g

    I am in favour of one class of post only. Think it would be better than having to separate the two out, leave one lot behind even they are going to that address anyway and then having to deliver the second class post another time returning to the adress they have already been to!
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    Favourite ever "guilty pleasure" player

    Another one for Andy Thomson.
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    What was your favourite ever Boxing Day home match?

    I remember vividly the Boxing Day game v Plymouth in our promotion year 1995/96, I believe we were third and Plymouth were fourth going into that match but there was only one point between the whole top 4 so was a crucial match in promotion terms (Top 4 was PNE 38pts, Chester 38, Gills 37, Ply...
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    It was 40 years ago today....

    22 Dec 1980 - FA cup round 2 2nd replay. Gillingham 0 Maidstone United 2.
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    Is Steve Evans league 1's answer to

    Survive financially or survive in terms of staying up?
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    bad news due - n/g

    The Duke of Edinburgh's demise is rumoured every few months, even trends on twitter. Hey one day the rumour will be true.
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    Why n/g

    Who remembers the Two Ronnie's sketch the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town?
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    Impact of loans

    Transfer fees have almost died out in lower leagues as well. Who is the last player Gills paid a transfer fee for for instance?
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    Why n/g

    London started as a series of small towns Barnes, Southwark etc each of which grew bigger and merged into each other so as to become indistinguishable from each other. The old parts were City of London and Westminster. The population of london in shakespeare's time was around 350-400k. It...