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    31st Anniversary

    I spent my early years ( early to mid 70's) either at Upton Park or Stonebridge Road with brother or parents. My dad worked with one of the Fleets players. At that time I actually supported Man Utd and Celtic. Then in Feb 78, at 14, I went to my first match at Priestfield aginst Plymouth with a...
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    Since Feb 1st we have had to see my wifes sister go through the ringer with this fucking disease. Thankfully, she has pulled through, but not without some poteantial long term issues. To see my wife go thorugh this hell, without being able to see her sister in person, was horrendous. We've been...
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    Flag in the Corner

    I find it hard to not link the union flag to the far right. I saw too many of them being used in the 70's and 80's on NF and BM marches (and more recently on EDL, etc get togethers). I try hard not to, but I still struggle with it. That doesn't mean that I believe anybody displaying it is a...
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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

    I am sure those 3 people will be chuffed to know of your empathy, but you are right it is nothing in the grand scheme of things. They will obviously walk straight into other jobs.
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    N/G Misheard song lyrics

    I've always made my own words up to Into the Valley by The Skids. I don't even think Richard Jobson knows what he sang🤯
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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

    You might be right, but it will also cause us problems as we tend to backfill lorries from the EU. The M25 and M2 might be thankful, but a lot of businesses won't be. As I have said before though, it will all eventually sort itself out.
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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

    I would imagine a lot of that is down to COVID and the fact that a lot of UK companies are still finding their feet with the paperwork and the fact that transport is hard to come by as a lot of smaller european hauliers have stopped delivering to the UK (as they haven't the financial resources...
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    US Presidential election

    PBS have done some excellent documentaries. Their series on the Civil war was superb
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    US Presidential election

    I try to be neutral and because of that I am watching less and less if CNN, because it is so one sided. You get the same, from both sides, with the social media blogs. I remember seeing one that said something along the lines of "Trump destroyed at Press Conference". Watched it and it was...
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    I think Lampard will be one of those merry go-round managers. Like Bruce, Allardyce, Pardew....