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    Favourite ever "guilty pleasure" player

    Good shout. I always thought I was his only admirer. But it seems that there were loads of us who liked his silky smooth skills .
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    Hull at home - first match

    January away fixtures look like a coach drivers dream. Plymouth, Accrington and Sunderland. About 1700 miles. Lets pray for good weather.
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    Your gigs/concerts - biggest stars

    Saw Connor last Sat. Well worth watching. Special mention to the 2nd guitarist who adds so much to the music..
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    Your gigs/concerts - biggest stars

    Pete Rose was the main 'head'. Gris-Gris light show at the old Rechabite Hall opposite the bus station playing the Soft Machine at volume 11. Happy days🤪
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    Your gigs/concerts - biggest stars

    At Grammar from 67 to 70
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    Your gigs/concerts - biggest stars

    Looks like a number of us were at the Hendrix concert. Also saw Curved Air at Central Hall. The hall had a booze ban as I remember because of a religious covenant. I seem to remember having an orange juice! Also saw Walter Trout there after the venue changed from the dockyard. If I can digress...
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    Converting vinyl to mp3

    If the deck is from Ion they provide free software. Search for EZVinyl. I've transferred most of my vinyl to iPod with it. It's basic but it works.
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    Almost the second best live rock album ever

    Soft Machine - Noisette . Fairfield Hall 1970.
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    Great turn out!

    419 because I was in the home end.
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    GFC Holdings Ltd Struck Off

    GFC Holdings being restored. Accounts available in 5 days. WTF is going on?
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    Sunderland date change

    I tried telling the train company that 'its only changed by 24 hours ffs' but they still said they wanted their £20 to change the tickets!
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    Sunderland date change

    What the hell are we doing? If Sunderland want to take the cash from SKY for televising a mickey mouse cup game let them suffer the consequences. Another wasted train ticket!!!!!!
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    One month to kick off...predictions please

    We would be 11th if Wimbledon had obeyed the alphabetical rules.
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    GFC Holdings Ltd Struck Off

    Having no accounts filed for over a year the warning notice in the Gazette a couple of months age said that all the assets would become 'bona vacantia' ie belong to the state. Any idea what it means in reality?
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    The majority of that debt was held by Priestfield Developments, part of GFC Holdings. That debt was written off and the company wound up. I'm assuming the delay in posting the accounts for GFC Holdings is that the accountants are arguing over how to show this write off without divulging too much...