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    Exiles - Here's The Goals

    Thanks as ever Dave, I was working tonight so missed this one. 😎👍
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    Exiles - Here's The Goal

    "Beaten by the likes of Blackpool" You do realise you are in the same division because of how far you have fallen? "Might be looking over our shoulder a little" Check the table knobhead, there are 5 teams who can easily overtake you! "Now we're not fighting for anything" Not even the play-offs...
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    Armfield Signage

    I really do believe some "fans" are missing the Oystains! 🤯😡
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    Match Thread Wigan v Blackpool

    "Threadbare bench" 🤣🤣🤣 Young Simms take a bow! ❤
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    Blackpool v Lincoln City Match Thread

    The usual tripe post 2012
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    I was recently given the all clear for haemocromatosis, I was tested because my older brother who is the same age as you has it and has weeks left to live. I got gout about 6 years ago. You will not endure worse pain! Greater than the nobbers going to the Premier League!!! I had a couple of...
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    My Nan was the type who never went to the doctors or hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes, in her 60s. God knows then how long she had it but it hit her hard. She went blind and both her legs went black. Sadly she died before they amputated them. Perhaps it was also a blessing? She had 10...
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    Poor Old Preston

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! I'm buzzing! 😁
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    Poor Old Preston

    Another loss to Derby, that's 4 losses and a draw in the last 5! :lol::loser::wahey::grinning:
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    Where do you think we will end up?

    Any lower than 10th then Grayson should be sacked. McPhillips managed top 10 with a squad full of freebies and cast offs. I'm guessing Grayson has had the biggest budget since the Premier League season.
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    Glad to hear Seb. :coolio:
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    Happy birthday Whitey, top fella. :bow::party::bday:
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    Preston Councillor Swindells

    I worked with John Swindells for circa 20 years. He was a dual season ticket holder at Blackpool and PKE back in the 60s/70s. He's a decent bloke (for a Nobber!) and I can assure you he's taken lots of stick over the years for all their play off defeats. Knowing him as I do it's banter, nothing...
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    Momentum Swing; Glorious Day

    Whitey, I hope the tar is on the boil? :grins: Scabs, collaborators, quislings and mushrooms time to take refuge in your nearest Oystain Estate Agents. We are getting our club back!
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    Oooh someone's rattled you. Scab! :rofl: