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    Play off winners

    Torquay are 3 points adrift of the only automatic promotion spot with two games to play. Sutton vs Hartlepool this weekend could see Sutton in L2 and Hartlepool consigned to the National league playoff lottery. Torquay look set to be in playoffs as semi finalists with home advantage over quarter...
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    Having lost to Portugal in the opening fixture both teams reached the final from Group A. Think that makes them the only nation to lose a group game and win the competition.
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    RIP Frank Worthington

    Asked who his toughest opponent was.... The Taxman.... Today imagine in England actually "allowed" the likes of him, Bowles and Currie to play in their "old boys club".
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    Quality players of the past who just wouldn't fit today.

    Dean White, to aggressive. Dave Mehmet, to temperamental.
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    The America's Cup

    Glad to see somebody is watching after the demise of the UK entry. Also another great kiwi event has just taken place for the 30th year in my home town. The Hokitika Wild Foods Festival. No real imagination required to guess that the offerings are more on the "feral" side. Obviously a great...
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    31st Anniversary

    Easter Monday April 3rd 1972. Posh at home. 1-1 Sat in main stand at 0.70p a ticket for child.
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    Midweek Kick Off Times

    With the multitude of kick off changes this season i'm wondering why nobody's playing midweek fixtures in the afternoon. Is their a rule about midweek fixture times?
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    Declan Drysdale or Stuart Thurgood

    After tonight's inept performance by an 'professional" footballer does he now rival Stuart Thurgood as one of our most talentless signings. The sight of him playing "center forward" at the end completely summed up the last two fixtures. Where do we go from here, honestly it's been dreadful for...
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    Gills vs Rovers

    Didn't this fixture once feature the same team kick off both halves
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    Midweek hoodoo fact

    Dominic Samuel. Played vs Rochdale. 24.11.2015. Played vs Wimbledon 24.11.2020
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    Matty Willock

    With Coyle and Woods both getting game time tonight he's just becoming a bench warmer. After all the hype and fanfare certainly never made any form of impact in any of the limited game time he's had. From the lack of statements over his fitness i'd assume he's fit but just not close to whats...
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    Team v Fleetwood

    Yet Tuesday we didn't have any issues to protest about.
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    Pre Kick Off

    Has common sense finally prevailed?
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    Tommy Trublue

    Anybody know what's happening over his welfare after seeing the news that Arsenal have "put down" their mascot after 27 years of loyal service. Is Tommy Trublue grazing the great paddock in the sky or is he stabled awaiting the first real fan filled fixture.
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    For those of a certain age

    Answer to my own question. Drew at Oxford then beat them 4-1 days before playing us. Turned them around.