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    Where will they finish competition - Enter here.

    Love you placing of Northampton 👍
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    Cowleys sacked

    Yes your right but it’s bloody strange going on.
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    Cowleys sacked

    Sorry to be picky, but as someone who has stopped a train at Elstree and Borehamwood station hundreds of times the correct spelling is Borehamwood. Not Boreham Wood.
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    Quiz No.28 - NOW LIVE - Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    Wow I surprised myself, 9. I only got the last one wrong.
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    Quiz No.27 - NOW LIVE - Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    7/10. My best score for a long time.
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    Guess & Discuss The Ground - #35

    I don’t know if it’s been suggested before but is it Sincil Bank ?
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    "What Are They Talking About?" Quiz - no. 25

    Peter Jackson after releasing Alan Marriott.
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    Quiz No.24 - NOW LIVE - Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    I’m not sure that the clue to question 2 is correct. The player did not play one season under DC as far as I remember. I still only got 4 right.
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    Division 2 play off

    That’s the one.
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    Division 2 play off

    Good summing up of the game Devon. I was definitely routing for Cheltenham tonight.
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    Division 2 play off

    He was the Lino you gave us the penalty away at Gateshead.
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    Division 2 play off

    No it wasn’t but it was a penalty and you were there.
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    Division 2 play off

    I’m watching the division 2 play off match between Northampton and Cheltenham. I thought the forth official who has replaced one of the linesman looked familiar. Anybody else know what Big part he played in the 16-17 season.
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    Please Nominate Your Vital Lincoln City "Worst Game of The Season" On This Thread!

    It a toss up between Sunderland and Gillingham but Gillingham wins it. Crap ground, freezing cold and a spineless performance and seeing Fatty Evans. At least Sunderland was a decent ground even if it was a crap view.
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    Guess & Discuss The Ground - #35