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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Dunc is now a Peterborough fan... :finger:
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    Tom hopper

    Ask Akinde...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Gillingham

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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Gillingham

    Well. Unless the rules have changed, we can't appeal the Edun dismissal.
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    Less than 200 for Rotherham

    I can't tonight and likely not Tuesday. That's two seats. But I did contact the club yesterday to offer my seats up for resale. Won't know until next week but I think they've been sold on.
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    SIGNING: Anthony Scully From West Ham United

    Uesh Yeah seen that (and me jumping on him!)
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    SIGNING: Anthony Scully From West Ham United

    30 years? Wow! I remember seeing the Echo billboard outside the local shop on my way home from school. Thought we'd signed some sort of fabric conditioner 😁
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    January transfer window

    Seems he was a midfielder but was converted to a striker and then hit a purple patch. How many internationals is it now? 4 or 5? March is the next round of fixtures, I think...
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    Akinde Set To Sign For Gillingham?

    Yep! Chances are he has taken a wage decrease but will receive loyalty payments (ahem) to make up for it.
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    All The League One Transfers: January 2020

    Southend OS says the club is in discussions with two players who are about to become free agents. Meanwhile, at Macclesfield, three of their players have applied to have their contracts "torn up."
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    Transfer Deadline Day Thread!

    If If his name was a little more exotic, the notion of 60k a week wouldn't nudge anyone's giveatossometer. Our top league is full of players who have come in from abroad and have done very little but get huge money. This lad has proven himself over a period of time.
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    January transfer window

    Walker has been recalled according to a Twitter chap.
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    Undr the Cosh - Matt Rhead

    Good digging - that's how I remember it. Load of turd as I 5thought. Lots of chest puffing and bull going down at that time.
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    Akinde Set To Sign For Gillingham?

    Yeah. I think I first read that in the LCFC history book written by the two brothers!
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    Score Predictions v Portsmouth