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    Gills Vital 2020/2021 Prediction League - Match 29: Gillingham Vs Crewe Alexandra

    Gillingham 2 Oliver Akinde Crewe 1 Finney
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    Welcome Robbie Cundy

    Welcome Robbie
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    This is the Rochdale thread

    Tell me about it,was going 2-2 then last minute went for 3-2 ,yup never change mind
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    Gills Vital 2020/2021 Prediction League - Match 28: Gillingham Vs Rochdale

    Gillingham 3 Akinde Oliver Lee Rochdale 2 Lund Humphreys
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    Today v Burton

    Supported Gillingham since 74,and I’m struggling to remember watching worse football than what I’ve seen last dozen games bar odd one, Seems a football match is not 2 halves of 45 minutes each for us,it’s bugger all first 45 minutes then perhaps 20 minutes we decide to play,but couldn’t hit a...
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    Today v Burton

    One word Abysmal
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    Home Schooling

    Youngest daughter teaches she has been going in to look after vulnerable children,literally all through,leaves hubby behind he is tennis coach so can’t work,says so much better leaving it to hubby,think he is almost suicidal with 4 and 8 year olds Other daughters with grankids exactly...
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    Been recalled by Coventry
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Daughter was walking round Bluewater,had kiddies nature trail,she noticed that Lush was open as norma,really need bath bombs
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    Happy New Year

    Here’s to a Happy New Year guys, Stay Safe and let’s enjoy ourself as much as possible The word is Optimism not Pessimism
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    vs the Cobblers

    What the hell was that