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    The 2022 Summer Transfer /Rumours Thread Michael Appleton is reportedly after Anthony Scully for his Blackpool squad.
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    Full Fixture List

    where's the excel version?
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    Fixtures - Opening Game Guess

    Brum away
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    It's Applegone

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    Murphs Steps Down

    Having trouble with your semi Sexy?
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    It's Applegone

    Is this a reliable ITK?
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    The 2022 Summer Transfer /Rumours Thread

    He won't come here wages and location not a fit imho. I'd love it if it did
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    Rosenior Turns Us Down - Initially

    What a load of nonsense. He was on his toes quick enough from Brighton. No emotional attachment to Derby not been there that long
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    What's most important..

    We will all need our way back to bonding and moving forward together. We did with the Ohstains and we definitely without them and with our amazing saviour St Simon We've had some great and crap mangers. Some we thought would be good and weren't and vice versa. A lot were counting after the...
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    What's most important..

    i'll never desert my club
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    If blackpool had filed back in the day...

    ... When oyscum bought it for fiver. Would you have gone on to support another team?
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    What's most important..

    tim time will always tell, but I have v little confidence in him and I just don't warm to the guy
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    What's most important..

    Of course you are right Noddy. Hard though
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    Rosenior Turns Us Down - Initially

    Dog's dinner this