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    Ladbrokes Gills Relegation

    If we're talking in the context of the De Facto Crimean, Donetsk, and Luhansk 'People's Republics', then I think it's safe to say that Russia has already invaded and is still occupying Eastern Ukraine.
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    Probably because many amongst the local population 'White Flight' migrants from South London, and have no time for Gillingham, because they probably feel they have no attachment to the area or club. It seemed obvious to me when I was passing through Chatham to take my son to the Crewe Alexandra...
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    Pre match protest on Tuesday

    I too am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of arresting or banning supporters in the streets outside the ground. We do, after all, live in a democracy with the right to free expression. This isn't Russia, Azerbaijan or Venezuela, where the authorities can see fit to act on the authority...
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    Playing “football”?

    But Steve Evans doesn't do 'patient, passing, build-up' football and this style requires players of a high(er) talent and skillset. That's why things went belly-up under Peter Taylor; one-touch, tiki-taka style, Barcelona-type, build-up play needs a good team that can adapt, with a bit of...
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    Evans gets results

    And then there are the 'dinosaurs' like Louis Van Gaal who's direct, physical footballing philosophy, very much the antithesis of 'Total Voetball' still won Ajax their last Champions League.
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    Evans gets results

    But Steve Evans managed to keep Leeds United up in the Championship against all odds- on a tight budget, brought in promising players from the youth team, and made some key loan acquisitions, and he even endeared himself to a sizeable proportion of Leeds fans when he left the club. And, yes...
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    The Scally out numpties....

    In fairness, that was because Mike Ashley was reluctant to let Newcastle United go as the Premiership club was being used for Sports Direct/Frasers etc to be marketed to a Nationwide and international audience. He would always invest just about enough to ensure EPL football (and income). But he...
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    Police Presence

    Yes, but that's a civil, not a criminal, matter, should rhe club wish to forbid entry to groups or individual fans unless they can provide evidence of where laws have been broken.
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    KGV pub in Brompton

    I prefer this to the Cannon next door (whenever I am down in Brompton), especially as the Sunday Roasts and craft beer selection were very, very good under John's ownership. The previous owner- Leon?- seemed to have an excuse for everything, but there were always lines and pumps missing...
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    Steve Bruce and Newcastle

    Yes, and he is allegedly a Spurs fan. He also appointed Pardew because he allegedly knew him outside of football. Scally definitely knows Pardew, as Pardew went along for a job interview at Priestfield after Stimson was sacked; perhaps Scally was hoping to appoint him on a 'mate's rate' at the...
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    Institutionally mysognistic?

    There is that, and it's a very valid point. However, it should be remembered that there is a significant mistrust of the police in Traveller communities, and issues with morality are usually dealt with internally rather than by calling the 'Gavvers'. There is though the Romany tradition of...
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    brexit truth.

    Partly true, but this country's lack of self-sufficiency and the hollowing out of our manufacturing industry- not to mention the decimation of our agricultural sector in Great Britain because farmers have found that its more lucrative to get developers to build housing on your land rather than...
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    The Official Charlton Athletic Match Thread (Sponsored by Southeastern "for all your Train-Spotting needs")

    Also, I don't understand the policing strategy by Gillingham Station after the game. Why was Brompton Road blocked off about 50 metres from the station, allowing a volatile mix of away fans and home fans to gather outside the entrance of the station? I initially thought that it was for social...
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    The Official Charlton Athletic Match Thread (Sponsored by Southeastern "for all your Train-Spotting needs")

    Dempsey was just different gravy on Tuesday night but our first half performance was shambolic- we had no width (not something that you would associate with a Steve Evans team) and we couldn't cope with the high intensity, high tempo game being served up by the Anoraks, not helped by Olly Lee's...
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    Charlton Home

    There is still a remote possibility they will dismiss him by tommorow but for the fact that they narrowly lost 2-1 to Wycombe yesterday, who have one of the strongest teams in the division (they have ex-Burnley striker Sam Voakes playing up front). But the Anoraks are already turning on their...