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  • are you off to the states, yet,i`m down in southern italy, an hour and a half south of Naples........burnt like a chip,nosh good.
    beachside flat overlooking the sea.laptop all tunde for watching the Russian world cup.
    Hope you have a great summer!
    Hackney Ian
    All good thanks, booking States for 10 days in Mid Sept, daft time of year but good fishing then, still doing a couple of days a week work until mid July then off for August, just waiting for World Cup to start just going to put £30 E/W on Germany and £10 E/W on Belgium
    don’t get too burnt and keep up the liquid refreshment, say hello to Val and enjoy. UTI
    Hi Mate, just sent you a friends request on FB.
    My mobile number is 07949007448, will be travelling down this eve and staying in the IBIS hotel fullham (Earls Court) for 2 nights.
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