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    D DAY 1971 n/g I know this made sense but I would still prefer 240 pennies to the pound. I remember the price of my pint went from 1 shilling and 9 pennies to 10 pence overnight. I was outraged that my pint...
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    Sky Sports or iFollow tomorrow

    Being nosy, how much is a SKY Day pass?
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    vs Charlton

    Have to remember this is a six o'clock kickoff.
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    FA cup 16 games being broadcast but no Gills.
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    Bobby Ball R.I.P.

    Funny man, but Covid got him. R.I.P.
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    FA cup

    Looking at the official Gills website it is showing this game as available on iFollow.
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    Alcohol in the workplace?

    This is why all building sites and road works stop for 2 weeks at Christmas. To dangerous to work after a liquid lunch.
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    New Proposals

    How much is 25%?. And how much do we get now? And presumably most money will go to the Championship anyway.
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    I Player question

    And me.
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    ifollow : Codes for Saturday

    Have you checked your email.
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    ifollow : Codes for Saturday

    I was entering the voucher code for the Blackpool game. I had just entered the first 3 digits when i pressed pay by accident and now I have an email confirming I have paid £10. But it made me wonder if the people who ended up paying last time maybe made an error when typing the code.
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    Stoke away

    I would think £60-70k with a crowd but an empty stadium can't cost that.
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    Carabao To Watch Details on where you can see future games. And it confirms 50/50 split.
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    sky sports presenters row - n/g

    Do modern day sport people have a personality ?
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    sky sports presenters row - n/g

    SKY haven't decided yet. They are going to try different people over the next few weeks and then make a decision.