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    Aston Villa vs Everton Saturday 18th September 17:30

    Proper up for this one! First time in Villa Park for a couple of years now, cant wait!
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    Erod Prediction League Game 5: Aston Villa v Everton

    GreensladeUTV: Aston Villa 2 - 2 Everton
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    The Danny Ings Thread

    Well deserved!
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    The All New January Transfer Window rumour thread

    Dont know why but this made me laugh :lol:
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    Chelsea v Aston Villa Match Thread - 11/9 - 5.30pm

    Am i right in saying Bidace came off injured for England??? If so another winger out :D .. hows our luck eh
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    Erod Prediction League 21/22 Games Merged

    GreensladeUTV: Chelsea 3 - 0 Aston Villa
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    The World Cup 2022 Thread

    I mean not to poo poo everyones meltdown but I played rugby the following week when i had a broken rib..It can be done, although this is professional football and I do realise that you break a nail these days and you could be back this week or you could be back after christmas :shrug:
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    Aston Villa v Brentford Match Thread 28/8 3pm

    Getting fed up of these ifs/buts and maybes. Just tell us straight ffs.
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    The League Cup Thread

    I was just about to say I'll make note of this when Chelsea reserves beat us :rolleyes:
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    Barrow v Aston Villa Match Thread 24/8 7:45pm

    Really well done by the club for this. Great to see and that will go a long way for clubs like Barrow.
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    Kappa Innit

    Dont understand why we've gone blue and white? Surely a dark purple would look better? Or black? I wouldn't mind it as much then.
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    Kappa Innit

    Just been released...doesnt look black to me...:hmmm:
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    The Anwar El Ghazi Thread

    Is Bryan Gil any good? Never heard of him..
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    The Ollie Watkins Thread

    Could be this week, could be after the international break. Could be never. :shrug: (I added that bit in of course)
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    Youth - U23 - Loans Thread - For 2021/22

    What have I just watched :computer: