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    One year...

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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Very efficient rollout at our surgery. I had the AZ jab - headache first day then sore arm but nothing terrible. My wife had Pfizer - not much in way of side effects.
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    or is this just a lazy comment? Cant be expected to actually read the article!
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    N/G Misheard song lyrics

    Kid Creole and the Coconuts - Annie, I'm not your Daddy. It doesnt matter how many times i listen to it but it still sounds like 'ona, ona, onamatopoeia' rather than 'I dont, I dont, Idont want to be your...
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    Scored tonight against Celtic - what’s more he ran 50 yards to be on the end of a cross to do so
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    Home Schooling

    I'm helping with my grandchildren - the problems arise when they have to explain the question to me :confused: - 'replace the words with digraphs with a different words'
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    US Presidential election

    Nothing new there though!
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    Does GFC still have a sell-on fee

    Solidarity Contribution in case of international transfers - Publications - Status and Transfer of Players - Solidarity Contribution - The Players' Agent
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    We have known for 9 months that a national vaccination rollout would be required. It's a disgrace that we appear not to have a well thought out and comprehensive plan to do so
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    social distancing at games

    not quite right as there will be a slight easing over Christmas from 24-26th BUT their lockdown is far more stringent than ours - all shops and schools closed, fireworks and any other gatherings on New Years Eve banned - I'm sure you get the drift - as usual the Germans are going to do it properly!
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    social distancing at games

    i watched the boxing last night - social distancing was a joke, masks were few and far between - even Floyd Mayweather wasnt wearing one as he entered the stadium
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    I think you should check your geography there! The Lake Poets would be north west not east
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    Team v Exeter

    We need to keep the ball out of our net!
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    Xmas lockdown or not? n/g

    We all love an essay! It's clearly actually needed cos it's only too easy to slag off the arrangements if you dont consider them more than superficially. Equally clearly it's NOT an easy exercise coming up with rules that are fair to all