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    Pirates vs. Drunken Sailors

    Massive result
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    Wigan 8 Hull 0

    The more we've changed the squad the worse we have become
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    dan burn

    Jensen on the bench as well. 5. 5m for the 2 players. 20m for Webster alone. If hope were not soft touches in the transfer market if we survive admin
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    Swindon Sheridan Roundabouts

    Please just show up 2nd half Latics. This is a must not lose game.
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    Players coming in ...

    Is that another space available....
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    Will Grigg

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    Regretting that late goal at Rochdale now. Would have given us a real boost. Feel like the momentum has been lost
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    If only we had Evans fit since October. We really lack something in midfield. Clough is lost wide left. Probobky Kyle off if he's injured. Gardner on and more of a 4 3 3
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    Very attacking line up
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    Fleetwood Town (H)

    Yea we really need to keep tight at the back and get the gola to kill off these games. Hope keane is back for midweek as we need his physicality and experience
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    Fleetwood Town (H)

    Defence seemed far more solid today. Basics were far better than the previous back line. We just lack quality and composure in the final third.
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    Rochdale (A)

    Am. I right in thinking our 1st game of 2021 not 1 player in the team or on the bench was involved in our squad last season?
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    Rochdale (A)

    They've scored and conceded 7 in last 2 games and out last outing was a 3 - 4 win. Neither side keeps a clean sheet so it's 0-0 for me
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    Rochdale (A)

    I presume James will slot in alongside Obi or Long today. We've no wingers to speak of so I'd imagine Merrie Perry and Gardner in the middle and maybe lang keane and Joseph across the front. Hopefully get the forwards doing what they do best and the midfield can protect the defence
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    Feel the same. For Kal to be leaving with a contract termination for a bigger move and to find out its Luton is a bit flattening. Get the feeling he needs the right place to get him playing well. Maybe if it doesn't work out we will see him back at some point