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    L1 wage cap vote

    Does this apply from now? If so we can't retain more than about 6 first team player (if they want to stay) and can't sign anyone til 2022. Really affects out ability to bounce back. Didn't administrators say 6m wage was target. Feels like we're the worst off out of all the clubs now and are...
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    A throwback to this squad

    That season still haunts me. How riera and delort vanished. Billy mckay. Holt injured when mckay brought back from Huddersfield and so on. I remember a preseason game getting cancelled and we looked burst after half time vs reading in day 1. Criminal waste of talent and again all left for less...
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    12 point appeal

    Can see them changing rules to protect other clubs now
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    Win or Lose Poll

    Watson header at 15.59 to seal it
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    Does the town deserve a team ?

    I travel down from Glasgow as often as possible to watch the Latics. Made it 8 times last season and would have been more had it not been for covid. The thought of there not being a Wigan Athletic is just torture for me. Whether or not someone thinks the town deserves it or not it was a dream...
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    Deserved better for our efforts this season
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    Very proud...

    Team gave its all at the most difficult time. No chance of retaining much of squad on league 1 income so this team will be broken up bur fondly remembered for the way they pulled together after xmas
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    That's the spirit lad
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    Remaining fxtures

    Draw for Charlton isn't a problem as we can overtake with a win still on Saturday. If that's the case then there will be at least 3 teams below who's final day result we would only need to match to stay up.
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    Hull City (H)

    Luton draw. It's in our hands. What a night
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    Hull City (H)

    QPR goal!
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    Hull City (H)

    So proud of this team. To set club records under these conditions speaks volumes. Just win the next 2 and see what happens
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    Hull City (H)

    Off the bench
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    Hull City (H)

    Make or break tonight. I think our form and desire will see us through 3 0 latics Kieffer double and Massey to seal it