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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Portsmouth

    Been mulling over thoughts before posting. Not going to say too much. Two main thoughts 24 hours later: Lack of fight and lack of unity most frustrating thing. Other than perhaps defence we look more like a group of individuals than a team. Echo what others have said about transfer window...
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    Congratulations to Jules

    Well done, incredible effort that!
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    FA Cup draw

    I hadn’t realised Dagenham Salford was on TV. Shambles. There was far better draws including ours.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Shrewsbury Town

    Everything felt flat today. Very very flat. The positives for me were Maguire who showed some quality, N’Lundulu lively and thought Sanders looked good when he came on except one poor cross. Robson looked shattered. Find Adelakun incredibly frustrating. Very rare I criticise players online...
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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Superb win. Best team performance this season. Looked more like Imps of last season. Any of N'Lundulu, Montsma, Eyoma, McGrandles or Robson could have been Man of the Match for me for the right reasons. Would go Montsma if pushed, really back to his best. Sorensen and Bishop also played well...
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    Third kit

    Thought the yellow kit looked really good must say
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    Match Thread: Sheffield Wednesday v Lincoln City

    Like most have said, deserved at least a point. If Scully was at it would have been 3. Thought both centre halves played well. Also thought Robson played well again who for me was only player who deserved any credit Tuesday, he’s starting to look a decent addition. Biggest frustration for me...
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    Max Sanders Signs!

    I was really excited when we made this signing and genuinely think he has looked alright in cameos. Starting to feel like not going to happen for him though isn't it?
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Ipswich Town

    We deserved at least a point I thought. But then didn’t deserve anything against Rotherham. Definitely a foul on Eyoma. Can’t believe some saying otherwise. If your mid air and someone comes from behind with hands in your back then it’s a foul. Hopper gets about 4 free kicks a game for what...
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    Cambridge (A) highlights

    Watching that and the question has to be what number do you put in front of million for Scully. Some superb goals.
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    Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

    Still some good players out of contract such as Josh Sims. Perhaps we will get a free agent or two?
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    Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

    Long looked more than capable tonight. Possible future number 1 through the youth team?
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    Match Thread: Bradford City v Lincoln City

    Appleton confirmed there was harsh words yesterday. Team looked much better for it.
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    Tayo to Blackburn?

    Don’t think a player has ever won me round more. Thought he was awful when first saw him. Really turned it round. Nice lad to. Wish him all the best.
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    Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

    Appleton just on - Keeper highly unlikely, Long most likely be number 2. Deal done for an attacker on loan as long as parent club gets 1 in. Can play forward/wide.