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    Rate The Players v Plymouth Argyle

    Palmer 6 Poole 6 Jackson 6 Montsma 6 Edun 8 Grant 8 McGrandles 8 Johnson 7 Rogers 6 Scully 7 Hopper 7
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    Michael Appleton Signs New Contract!

    I must confess, when I read this I started to get an erection!
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    Score Predictions v Plymouth Argyle

    2-0 Plymouth
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    This is looking like a 0-0 to me.
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    That sounds like a caretaker role until the season ends.
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    Swindon fans after lucky victory over Crewe

    Wollacott 8 Absolutely superb save in the first half. Looked assured with crosses. Quite impressed. Not a lot he could do with the goal. Big hole between his legs for the offside goal mind! Thompson 5 Is this the same player that was awesome on debut? He was so lucky not to give away a penalty...
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    Rate the Ref : Away to Wigan 20.02.2021

    3, I could go on but it's still a 3.
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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Tuesday's fixtures look good for us. Just about all of the top half of the table playing each other.
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    Rate the Ref : Away to Sunderland 17.02.2021

    It's an 8 from me. Did his best to let the game flow.
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    Player Interviews and a Light Hearted Break

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    Theo Archibald

    Is he injured or the forgotton man?
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    QUIZ: Lincoln City v Sunderland (17/02/2021) - Can You Get All 10 Correct? - HAVE A GO!

    6/10 and great memories of beating Sunderland in the League Cup in 1970
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    Rate The Players v Accrington Stanley

    Palmer 3 Poole 5 Bramall 2 Montsma 5 Walsh 6 Grant 6 Jones 5 McGrandles 5 Hopper 7 Johnson 6 Rogers 5 Edun 7 Scully 7
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Shall we give Chris Ashton a shout?
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    I've been following the Imps since 1964 (or 5). The current Mrs. has only been around since 1996. She understands what comes first.