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    Predict The Attendance update

    I love taking part in this, if you have the time and energy for it, then I'd be most grateful of you continuing.
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    Imps retained list announced

    Amazed by Bostwick being released. And eards for that matter
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    Most bizarre incident in an Imps match

    How about when Celtic came down, thousands turned up , most of them totally hammered and then had a massive punch up between themselves in the CO-OP. There was a terrible vibe around the ground that day.
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    Predict the Attendance - Gillingham (H)

    I was really pleasantly surprised at today's gate. Over 8,200imps there today. I thought we were supposed to be plastic !! Hope the season ticket renewals are strong.
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    Predict the Attendance - Gillingham (H)

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    Rate the ref v M K Dons (home)

    Terrible 2
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    Less than 200 for Rotherham

    Well if I see any near me in the Selenity, I'll be chucking some of my werthers originals at them ! My mate said he might even whack one with his battery powered heated seat cushion as well if things got a bit tasty!
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    Less than 200 for Rotherham

    Pompey didn't stop singing all game, yes the bell was always going , but they sang and sang and sang.... best away following for many a year in my opinion
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    Akinde Set To Sign For Gillingham?

    He won a penalty as well..... but didn't take it