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    Who will stay and go..... I think we might find out soon

    We need 6/7 more points (hopefully) to avoid the drop and it’ll be interesting then to see who he plays? I think the inconsistency and low budget might see a few be told early they aren’t in his plans for next year.
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    Evans contracted until summer 2022

    From the man himself on a bbc radio Kent interview does that mean we have a better chance of keeping those players we have or, as the article suggest he will still leave as as scally and the budget doesn’t match his ambitions? sorry I have no idea how to link the article
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    We don’t need a squad Evans only uses 14 players

    Sirkeefy I didn’t say it was a criticism I was just pointing out he spends most the season complaining of having one of the smallest squads and budgets in the league yet rarely uses the full squad he does have. i personally wouldn’t mind seeing going back to 5 on the bench and no transfer...
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    We don’t need a squad Evans only uses 14 players

    I don’t understand why we don’t get 16 decent players in, signed to us with the odd loan and use promising youth options to bulk the squad out Farrell s left peg is also right out of those 14 four are on loan and no doubt 4or 5 out of contract.
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    We don’t need a squad Evans only uses 14 players

    It’s obvious from last season and this Evans likes a small squad and rarely rotates players so not quite sure why he bangs on about having a small squad and budget? other than last nights 11 he only uses MacDonald, Akinde and McKenzie to fill in gaps and that’s about it. I appreciate the...
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    Have Bristol rovers settled us for Hanlan yet?

    Does anyone know what, if anything we got for Hanlan choosing to go to Bristol rovers? I appreciate it’s not usually announced but normally there’s something to say for the club to say it’s been settled? have I missed it?
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    Evans and Raynor

    I would be happy for Raynor to have a go on his own if Steve doesn’t fancy it. Not sure the style of football would change though. He has enough experience to be a manager
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    Jordan grahams crosses

    Anyone else getting really frustrated by the amount of crosses we get from his side yet we never seem to get a head on them these days. On that point its equally frustrating knowing it's going to be the same trick and same gross, regardless of how good it is please sometimes attack the box or...
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    Is it time to scrap the transfer window below the championship?

    But surely they would have to stay within the wage cap
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    Is it time to scrap the transfer window below the championship?

    Discuss. With the pandemic it allows clubs to run smaller squads and only use loans for injuries as it once was. I’d even argue for a smaller bench of 5 plus a keeper reducing the squad sizes further.
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    Transfer window rumours

    Has Joe gone yet as nothing has been announced. We would still be after 3, the striker and wide player mentioned by SE about 10 days ago plus I assume another keeper to bring in to replace Joe, again Paul Raynor mentioned they had one lined up
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    Joe Walsh

    Good thing for Joe is QPR have a under 23 side so he can play week in week out hopefully then get a loan move. Better than the odd training game. The boy sandfird from Millwall is decent and I think down the pecking order
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    Is Kyle Dempsey the next Andy Hessenthaler-esque legend in waiting

    I think the killer for league one teams and below was the transfer window. Up until then we, as with most clubs could spend the majority of the wages on 14/15 players, a couple of multilayer players ie Mark Saunders and the occassionail promising youngster ie Corbett, Nosworthy to bring...
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    Evans transfer update

    Well it’s not going to be masterson, either it never was him or we have been hijacked by them last minute. Anyone else have any clues?
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    Evans transfer update

    According to bbc radio Kent we have agreed a deal with a championship club for a player but he can’t be with us until next week and are currently talking to a striker in the championship who has played a fair bit of championship football this season. lets start speculating who these might be...