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    players out in January

    I think the mellis injury may have done us a favour as he now plays 3 midfielders rather than 2 plus Mellis who might be great in a 4 but didnt like the fact him and frank played in a 4 too lightweight for me Trev might be spot on Willock is the most likely to depart along with one of the...
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    Matty Willock

    Evan's said in his zoom interview 2 or 3 may be leaving in January to make room for new signings. Looking at his game record I can imagine he is right up towards the top of that list, as might a couple of the lesser used loanees
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    Player ratings v Sunderland

    Here we go then this is difficult as most weren’t that bad individually albeit A couple of shockers lumley 6 one good save not a lot more to do. unlucky at the end but exposed as we pushed forward jackson 7 did nothing wrong defensively and won the penalty medley 6 did ok ogilvie 6 dealt...
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    Question for the older posters on here....

    I realise the amount of non British players was massively lower so maybe all these 'surplus' squad players were all getting a game somewhere
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    Question for the older posters on here....

    During the 80 and 90 did premier league/ division one teams have these huge squads like they do? I seem to remember only collecting 14/15 panini stickers for each team? What happened to all these 19 23 year olds we get on loan now back then? Were they just realised unless exceptional and find...
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    Still after another player?

    Doesnt the transfer window shut for all but domestic transfers on Monday? If we are looking at someone in the Scottish premiership then surely it has to be done by Monday? Evan's said we will assess the squad after Ipswich, wednesday at the earliest. My maths rules out the Scottish bloke on...
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    New signing

    I had a hunch it was a guy from Southampton called will Ferry. He WAS alert winger last year but noticed hes playing left back and left wing back this year as oconnor moved inside a centreback for Saints B. Just a hunch and maybe miles off
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    Striker in on Monday

    If I remember correctly he is waiting for a premier league club to sign off a left sided loan. Hopefully by net week clubs will know whether these players are in their 25 man squad or not? we might see a bit of movement then. I'm convinced Samuel is the striker target and equally convinced we...
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    O'Keefe and Dempsey injury news.

    surely the budget can only stretch so far? In normal circumstances I think wed go and get another midfielder however a couple of mobiles strikers who score and a left sided player are surely more important currently. I personally think Evans has seen enough of a couple of them and I think we...
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    We need some pace and strikers!!

    and the person leaving Lancs would be???
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    We need some pace and strikers!!

    I'm not going to panic yet however as SE says we are still 3 players short, if not 4 . We need a striker who runs in behind the stretches the opposition's defense and we still need a goal scorer and probably as Evans has suggested some balance on the left side. I also think we will see a one...
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    Have I read Scally’s letter right?

    I must admit I read it quickly but Iread it as the shop/mega store would be closing and merchandise outlets around the ground on Match day.? did I read this right or not anyone?
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    League One & Two Signings

    I thought the large chunk of the academy system was funded by a grant from the Fa/Efl hence when clubs fall our of league 2 they often abandon their youth system after one season when their funding expires? i may be wrong but I didn’t think the core youth funding came from the club itself. the...
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    Trust Evans to find players

    I have watched a lot of his interviews he’s confident we will improve in all areas however he was confident Max would stay. the 5 loans are crucial here more than any other season. Not only do we need 5 good ones but we need a decent deal on their wages. I appreciate every league one club, or...
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    BBC Licence Fee......

    Would it not be simpler to just reduce the fee and streamline it? half the price for half the content or stagger much like Sky so for example you could have licence fee of 50 a year giving you bbc news including feee to air sport bbc local radio bbc one Including some kids show for those who...