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    Euros 20/21 Thread

    Morrell started at Bristol City - developed at Lincoln City and showing his talents for Wales
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    National League

    Hope Hartlepool do it good to have another northern club in the efl
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    Score Predictions & Match Thread: England v Croatia

    Not got high hopes for England's chances having watched Belgium see off the Ruskies last night - go for an optimistic 1-1 draw
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    Euros 20/21 Thread

    Don't think it matters who we get - we are doomed I tell you, doomed - the Jocks will stuff us at Wembley
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    National League

    County v Chesterfield was a very good game - County snatched it in the last 5 minutes - today's game was different as Hartlepool were 3 up at half time and Bromley pegged them back to 3-2. Some ex Imps on show Mrs Slocombe's lad playing for County and Chris Bush for Bromley, who looks to have...
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    Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

    Morton did well at Northampton because he was playing in a 4-4-2 formation off Oliver as a big front man - he's not robust enough to play a lone striker role
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    So, how is everyone feeling about Sunday?

    All tickety boo in with the Coleby/Collingham Imps Brigade- but will tell you better at the end of the game tomorrow - the only draw-back so far is we have to be at Sinny Bank tomorrow for 7.30am
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    Score Predictions v Blackpool

    Tight game but 2-1 to the Imps
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    So, how is everyone feeling about Saturday?

    Antidote to jabs 2 x paracetomol b4 and 2 b4 u go to bed - jobs a gud'un - that's advice from a medic
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    Score Predictions v Sunderland

    1-1 to the mighty Imps!
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    Score Predictions v Sunderland (h)

    2-1 to the imps
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    Imps To Hold Ticketing Ballot Ahead of Sunderland Play-Off Fixture

    We were unsuccessful - but went down to the club this lunchtime to renew our season tickets and we buy an adult ticket for the Missus but and had a present surprise in that it cost £32 rather than £300 plus because we had hardly used it last year - we had written that money off so really good of...
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    Imps To Hold Ticketing Ballot Ahead of Sunderland Play-Off Fixture

    Unable to add fellow seaon ticket holders - me plus 2 others any advice?
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    Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

    From what MApp said today if the pathway is right for the player and the deal is right for the club - it will happen.
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    Score Predictions v AFC Wimbledon

    2-1 with at some point the play off side to be given a run out