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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Sounds like Chapman is a BTC
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    Liam Bridcutt

    Great signing - welcome to the Bank Liam
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Fantastic player for the Imps - best of luck at Burton Neal and for the future wherever that takes you
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    The National League 2019/20 Season Thread

    Congratulations to Harrogate Town FC - excellent game and they full deserved the victory - played some really good football yesterday - all the very best in League 2
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    Any news on new kits? (Confirmed Reveal Friday 9AM)

    Like the style and colour - not keen on green full stop so a no from me for 21/22
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    He must be pretty desperate - but at this stage of his development probably around his level as he is some way off being a regular L1 player
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    Cowleys sacked

    Apparently the Chairman had decided to dispense with their services during the lock-down
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    Cowleys sacked

    According to news reports hinged around transfer policy which they had control of at Lincoln - but not at Huddersfield as in hands of Chairman and Director of Football operations - Hull City anyone?
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    The National League 2019/20 Season Thread

    See they helped Boreham Wood to the semis play-offs v Harrogate Town last night Smith keeping them in the game and Rheady heading the winning goal - great for the two ex-Imps and the team getting to the semis - trips to Boreham Wood always enjoyable although the results were not always what we...
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    Clive Nates: "Studies are being undertaken and its possible that around 25% of capacity will be allowed initially..."

    The 25% approach is a bit of a challenge but not insurmountable - 25% of season ticket holders on a seat number basis so you keep families/friends together and that could either take the total 2,500 seats - or allocate say 1,500/2,000 on this basis and sell the other 1,000/500 tickets on a first...
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    Jack Charlton

    Great Geordie lad and a great player - RIP Jackie
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Josh Lillis recently released by Rochdale a decent keeper - good number 2 perhaps
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Rumour that Chris Brunt seen up The Bail with a certain Mr Appleton - just showing the him the sights of the City and having a take away Indian from Castle View Indian Cuisine
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Not sure that he is Div 1 standard frankly - not seen that special talent that a number of people see in him - saw Dennis Law at 16 play for Hudds Town and that was special talent.
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    Can I ask a question please ?

    Well done Jules - keep going mate - much appreciated