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    "Hollywood-owned Wrexham"

    Joey Barton's Fleetwood. Well that's what they were once known as
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    season tickets announced

    Cheers OSK. I read this when I was number 5 in the phone queue and it tells you not to ring!
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    Michael Appleton

    Has testicular cancer.A friend of mine lost his life to that some years ago, hope they've caught it early. All the best Michael
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    Gills 1984 to 2000 thread

    I've forgotten that bit but probably why I refused to accept it
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    Gills 1984 to 2000 thread

    Some great memories here. I have an obscure one of Nicky Southall scoring against Southend after 4 mins and they scored two goals in injury time and won 2-1. I refused to believe we had lost after being ahead for so long even when I read it in the paper the following morning. Can't remember when...
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    Roy Hodgson

    Stepping down from the Palace job. I'll miss him. A true gent, always gave a balanced view. A few other managers could learn from that. Boyhood Palace fan too
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    Retained List

    Akinde attracting interest according to KOL. And Maghoma from Scotland
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    Retained List

    I agree with MK re Ogilvie. Two loan spells then Evans' first signing. Never going to make it at Spurs but we develop him as a player and get nothing for him. Good luck to the guy but what chance do lower league clubs have in these situations?
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    Retained List

    Isn't O'Connor's contract up at Saints in June? I reckon we'll sign him and Lee. There's plenty of decent keepers around and bound to be one who's turned down a deal at his current club. We move on. Akinde is still under contract but available for transfer so he may still be around if no one...
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    The Official Plymouth Match Thread - Sponsored by Final Game Blues "for all your end if season needs"

    If Oliver or Dempsey go it had better not be to another league 1 club. Will be bloody annoying watching them at Priestfield next year playing for someone else
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    Very good points there Rob and I agree. It's surprising that we don't bring on the likes of McKenzie and O'Connor to close the game out at 70 mins or whatever. It may be boring for fans but when you need the result you do what you have to do and SE has been around for long enough but seems...
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    Gerald Sithole

    Nice cameo from Gerald today. Good to see him make his debut so soon, bristling with pace and enthusiasm and a good clattering of their defender. Wonder if he's got composure?
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    That mistake by Tucker seemed to change the flow of the game despite the terrible miss
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    Ehmer and Hanlan

    It is difficult to criticise Graham ( I know no one is actually doing this) when he has weighed in with the goals and assists he has this season but as others have said he had been found out a bit as the season has progressed. I also think he slows our play down too much sometimes. It's strange...
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    Watching football again

    I'm in. "I am the the left side" . Anyone else? Rotherhite?